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Hello guys, i have a personal website, and i have a question here:

how to redirect to a certain html page



[noparse]www.example.com/xxx[/noparse] is entered?

when directory /xxx/ entered, go to abc.html

when just example.com (no directory) entered, go to another page i specify

thanks very much!

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Typically the default page for a directory is index.html or index.htm. If you want it to be something different, you can change that in the web server configuration file.

I think you can also set the name of the index page in an .htaccess file that you put in the directory.

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You can also do that via a subdomain name redirection in cPanel.

That's if the site uses cPanel. The configuration to send a 301 or 303 redirect depends upon the particular server and/or web application technology.

If you can't get the redirect to work like that, then do what kerbiloid suggested, but set the delay to zero. It's not the ideal, but will work fine.

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