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10-minute altitude challenge

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Hi all, first I want to say "Thank you" for completely eating my Saturday evening and much of my Sunday with this challenge as I tried to get a rocket which broke the 5,000 km mark. I am proud to say I was successful and here is my entry. I have a few more photos than the usual req since the flight pattern is non-trivial.

Basically I a have both basic jets and turbojets at launch. I start off with some intakes disabled to reduce drag. Those get re-enabled around 8km (action group '1') The first stage drops the basic jets which should be done around 10km. The second stage will drop some of the Turbos and should be done around 18km. The final turbojets will take you to about 22-23km before they burn out and unfortunately they burn out kinda violently and can send you into a spin that will ruin your run. From there on out it's standard rockets until burn out around 4 1/2 min into flight. The final altitude was 5,212,147. I'm certain that just optimizing flight path on this craft could yield another maybe 50-60km and there is more altitude to be had in other designs. Can't wait to see what folks come up with!


Craft file

(Also how do you do that beautiful in post IMGUR album? I remember being told once but have forgotten, and one other time the method given ended up with like the whole webpage with like the Imgur border being in the post not just the pictures which is what looks good)

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