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Official Mod Compatibility Thread for .90

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Mod Compatibility in 0.90

KSP 0.90 has just been released. A number of mods have already updated for .90, but there are a lot which have not yet. Even those that have, however, may experience issues in .90. Those that have not may or may not still work.

See the second post for the lists

This thread is for reporting compatibility issues. However, there are some guidelines which I would ask you to follow.

In particular:

1. Please include the forum link and version number when reporting.

2. If you are using the Windows x64 version, please do not report on compatibility. As Squad's own download links and the .90 FAQ say, the Win x64 version of KSP is unstable and it is impossible to say whether an issue encountered on it is a stock problem or a mod problem. Therefore all reports regarding the Windows x64 version of KSP will be ignored.

3. If you get a warning on launching KSP that the mod is not compatible, please respect the warning; there's no need to post that you're getting such a warning, the mod author already knows (as, now, do you) that the mod is not yet compatible with KSP 0.90

4. Details: Saying "it doesn't work" doesn't do any good unless you provide some details. What doesn't work?

5. Interaction: If you wish to ascertain whether a mod works, please try it alone. If you have multiple mods installed, and something breaks, all you can say for certain is that some interaction between them, or one of them, broke--not that they're all incompatible.


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Known Compatible, but upgrade required (as of listed version)

Achievements 1.8

Action Groups Extended 1.25

Actions Everywhere 1.1

Active Texture Management 4-3

ActiveStruts 1.1

Advanced Fly-By-Wire 1.4

Advanced Jet Engine 1.7

Alcubierre Warp Drive 0.1.0

Ambient Light Adjustment

AntennaRange 1.6

Asteroid Recycling Technologies 0.6.0

Auto Actions 1.1

AutoAsparagus v0.8

Aviation Lights 3.7

Chatterer v.0.8.0

ChopIt! 2.5.4

Collision FX 2.1

Community Resource Pack 0.3.1

Contract Configurator 0.3.3

Contract Configurator 0.3.3

CrewFiles 2.1

CrossFeedEnabler 3.2

Custom Biomes 1.7.0

Dang It! 0.5.3

Davon Throttle Control 073

DDSLoader 1.8

Deadly Reentry v6.4.0

[thread=64972]DMagic Orbital Science 0.9.1[/thread]

Editor Extensions v2.0

Enhanced Navball 1.3.5

FASA 5.00

Ferram Aerospace Research 14.5

Final Frontier 0.5.10-178

Flight Manager for Reusable Stages 0.3.01

FreeEVA 0.3.0

Freight Transport Technologies 0.3.0

GN Drive from Mobile Suit Gundam 00 4.0

Hangar 2.0.1

Hullcam VDS 0.33


In game notes / notepad / checklist 0.10.1

Infernal Robotics 0.19.3

Interstellar Flight Inc. 2.1

Ioncross Crew Support 1.18

Karbonite 0.5.0

Karbonite Plus (K+) 0.3.0

Kerbal Aircraft Expansion 2.3.1

Kerbal Alarm Clock 3.0.6

Kerbal Alarm Clock

Kerbal Attachment System (KAS) 0.4.10

Kerbal Engineer Redux 1.0.13

Kerbal EVA Resource Transfer 1.2.2

Kerbal Joint Reinforcement 2.4.5

Kerbal Live Feed 8.7

Kerbal NRAP

Kerbal NRAP

Kerbal Stock Launcher Overhaul 3.0

KerbalStats 1.1.0

Kerbin-Side 0.41

Kerbsplosions 3.3.1

KSP Alternate Resource Panel

KSP-AVC 1.1.5

Landing Aid 2.1

Landing Height 1.2

Lazor System 35

Malah's Quick mods: QuickRevert 1.11

Mechjeb 2.4.2

Mission Controller 1.10.1

Modular Fuel Tanks 5.3.0

Modular Rocket Systems 1.4.1

Module Manager 2.5.4

ModuleRCSFX 3.3

MovieTime 0.3

NanoGauges 0.5.18-164

Navball docking alignment indicator v6

NavHud 1.1.3

NEAR 1.3.1

Near Future Solar 0.4.0 and Near Future Construction 0.4.0

NovaPunch 2.08

Part Angle Display

Part Wizard 1.1.2

Pilot Assistant

Planet Factory Revived Version 2.2.5


Precise Node 1.1.2

Procedural Airships 1.3

Procedural Fairings 3.11

Procedural Parts 0.9.21

Procedural Wing 0.9.2

QuantumStrutsContinued 1.2

RCS Build Aid 0.5.3

Real Fuels v8.3

Real Solar System 8.4

RealChute Parachute Systems

Realism Overhaul 7.0.4

Regolith 0.1.0

Resource Overview

RLA Stockalike 12.1

Sane Strategies 0.42.3

SCANsat 8.1

SCANsat 8.1

Science Alert 1.8.2

Science Containers .08.1

Ship Manifest 3.3.3

Simulate, Revert & Launch 1.32

Smart Parts 2.0.4

Smartstage, intelligent VAB reset button 2.3.1

SmokeScreen 2.5.3

Sound and particle FX for stock Ion drive 0.2

Sounding Rockets! 0.0.1

Space Shuttle Engines 2.1.3

SpaceY Heavy-Lifter Parts Pack v0.5.1

Stage Recovery

Station Science 1.4

SteamGauges 1.6.0

Stock Drag Fix Dec 16

StockRT 1.20 and StockPlugins 1.01

StripSymmetry 1.5

Switch Active Vessel 0.4

Switch Active Vessel 0.4

Taurus HCV 1.4.0

TextureReplacer 2.1

Transfer Window Planner

TweakableEverything 1.6

TweakScale - Rescale Everything! 1.48

Universal Storage 1.0.0

US Probes Pack - Old and New 0.29

USI Exploration Pack 0.3.0

USI Kolonization Systems (MKS/OKS) 0.22.0

Vertical Velocity Control 1.16

VOID - Vessel Orbital Informational Display 0.16

Working Multiple Star Systems 1.2

Zero-Point Inline Fairings v0.9

Known Compatible (as of listed version)

AIES 1.5.1

AIPS - Better IVA Prop Placement 3.1

Blast Awesomeness Modifier 1.0

Bobcat Soviet Engines & Proton

Contract Science Modifier 0.3

DefaultThrottle 1.0

Distant Object Enhancement 1.4.2

Docking Port Alignment Indicator 4.0

FPS Viewer

Hakari F1 1.2

ImprovedStrategies 0.13

Kerbin Date Calendar 1.5

KW Rocketry 2.6d2

Lack Luster Labs (Sci-fi flying boxes) 13.1

Launch CountDown 1.7.3

MemoryUsage 1.11

Oblivion Aerospace Pack 0.1.3

Raise Minimum Ambient Lighting 1.0

SafeChute v1.5

Science Funding 1.0

ShowAllFuels 1

SXT - Lack's Stock Extension 19

Tantares 12.3


Known Incompatible (as of listed version)

Kerbal Construction Time 1.0.3

Load on Demand 3.3

Edited by Master Tao

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Sarbian, thank you so much for using the correct format. Makes our lives much easier. One exception though: forum links, not curse links. :)

That said, three of those I ninja'd you on. :P

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Point of order: I've run into mods that haven't been posted to the forums, but which do exist on Curse or KerbalStuff. I'm not sure why they never posted to the forums, but since there's no forum link, do those just go to the Kerbal equivalent of Limbo? Or can we state there's no forum link?

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Links to mods on the forums are subject to the Add-on Posting Rules, so license, source, and all the other pieces need to be included in the post. Those don't really fit in a list like this.

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Taurus HCV 1.4.0 - no compatibility issues, but some tweaks and balances. Confirmed to be working with .90.0 now!

For now the only place to get the up to date version is Kerbal Stuff, though Curse and Mega coming back soon.

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KSPAPIextensions.dll is busted, which breaks procedural fairings.

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I tested Science Alert 1.8.1, and it does not seem to be working. It notified *sometimes* but definitely it is missing some experiments, tested on my clean install/clean game with no other mods.

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Possible incompatibility:

KSP Interstellar. I've had the game crash whenever I enter the VAB, be it reverting back during flight or even just selecting it.

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