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Any Good Television Shows?


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Some suggestions...

The 100 - Not really that space related but quite good.

Continuum - It's not bad. Though becomes less sci-fi as it processes (at least season one which i have yet to complete)

American Horror Story - Ok, so not sci-fi at all... but damn gripping viewing. Definitely a show for mature audiences though.

The Walking Dead - Same as above.

and some classics if the show doesn't have to be current...

Firefly - This is a must see.

Andromeda - First few seasons are good.

Farscape - Again, first few seasons are good.

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battlestar came in and ruined everything. everything since has had depressing plotlines that dont go anywhere and shakey camera. sgu was one of those. i wonder when they are gonna stop coppycating and come up with some new ideas for a show. i would love a hard scifi serial of sorts, but i doubt that will ever happen.

in the mean time im finishing up my classic doctor who binge. currently on the sixth doctor. its taken me a year to get this far.

im also rather amazed that none of you kids mention babylon 5. seriously. what is wrong with your generation? when i was in my teens that show was plastered on the tv schedule between 2 star treks and a couple other scifi series that were on at the time. and this was broadcast tv. now with 200 channels (that i pay a fortune for) and nothing on any of them, so ive taken up reading.

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