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What do you expect from the next update? (0.91)

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I'm hoping and expecting .91 to be focussed on game balance and friendliness to new players. In my vision of .91:

The big new feature is a major overhaul to the tutorials and suchlike. We saw a little of this in .90 with the info popup windows but it was still very spartan. Now, Tutorial Mode will walk the player through building a basic rocket, making their first orbit, and then transferring to the Mun and Duna. The Tutorials don't take the player all the way though; there are only a few light pointers when it comes to actually touching down on another world.

For Science and Career mode, there have been lots of tweaks to game balance. The tech tree has been completely redone, and the contracts, strategies, and science experiments all gone over too to make a well balanced game. In hard mode part costs and contract rewards now vary depending on the state of your space program, so you will have to work to balance the books from your first launch to the very end.

The new landing gears and the 2.5 m jet engines will really make things nice for plane flyers. Spaceplane flyers, on the other hand, will find the significant nerf to the jet engines gives a new challenge. Rocket flyers don't have so much to play with, but the single KS-25 engine with its high efficiency and high gimbal has its niches and not just for Shuttles.

Physics warp and timewarp have been given a rejig. You can push physics warp as high as your computer can manage without losing accuracy, great for those long burns, and there's control damping so the ship isn't so twitchy when you do it. Timewarp has an extra level so no more half hour waits on your Eeloo missions!

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Aerodynamics are the main thing that needs to be fixed I feel.

Maybe re-entry heat could be added, but it should not be too difficult for beginners. Spaceplane parts and command pods should survive a re-entry easily, and for other stuff you'd need a heat shield.

Also, if we get better aerodynamics, it would make sense to have fairings.

Clouds maybe, but that is just visuals so it's not that important at this point.

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I know it's kinda early, but it would be nice to let Squad know what we would like in the next update. I personally still want the ability to build more buildings, and have maintanance costs, salaries and such. The game would feel like an actual simulator then.

Since unity5 beta is out, i would like to see them port it and just concentrate on bug fixes.

The sooner they port to unity5 the better, as it does not make so much sense to add something that might lead to extra work later when porting.

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Best ive been able to do with the MK3 parts is make a passenger liner. Holds 136 kerbals and makes flights to the Island runway at around 90m/s and crashes on the runway because no fuel.

Mk3 parts need more/better engines in order to get to space from the runway, maybe even larger wing pieces(I imagine some will succeed). Though with the new editor functionality i see lots of nasa style shuttles coming.

Other than that, I really don't know. Its up to Squad.

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