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Bug: Can't take surface samples/plant flags in career mode


I have a weird bug where my Kerbals can't take surface samples or plant flags. I start Career mode normally, launch a single pod, get Jeb out and he can't do anything but an EVA report. It works fine in Science mode, and on my PC it also works fine. (I also don't see most of the buildings, which I'm not sure is part of career. My PC shows them all, but I get cut down versions on the Mac)

KSP: v0.90.0.705 Beta, through Steam

System: iMac, 21.5", late 2013. 16GB RAM OSX 10.9. The same bug also occurs under Parallels running Windows 7 on the iMac


Log file: http://public.gettysburg.edu/~eremy/Player.log (I can't remember if I have MechJeb installed on this log- it happens with or without it.)

Am I missing something obvious?


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Not so obvious, as it's not one of the new features in the FAQ. Try upgrading your buildings. :wink:

Ahh, thanks. Now I understand- I (re)installed the game on the PC a couple of days ago and started playing, so that was before the upgradeable buildings update. I had everything prebuilt there. Might have to start another game just to make it harder.

I'm guessing the science building is the one to upgrade?

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