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KerbalEdu has been released!


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KerbalEdu has been released!


Some of you may have heard that us, TeacherGaming LLC and Squad have been working together to make Kerbal Space Program more accessible for schools.

Guess what? The launch is today. It’s here, we call it KerbalEdu and we are excited

What’s KerbalEdu?

A school-ready remix of KSP for with added features to help building rockets, record flight details and create and share missions. These features are designed to be used in schools, but many of them will be very useful to home players too.

Part of our collaboration with Squad is to make KSP also more affordable to educational institutions. The price for the game can be less than 50% of the original price.

Why would you do something like this for schools or in schools?

The world is facing an ever-increasing series of challenges in terms of climate and resources. Solving these challenges begins from adopting a new kind of approach towards them. We need to raise a generation that is able to ask the right questions, identify the problems and begin answering them. Science education will play a key part in this.

We want to help teachers to create engaging learning activities and at the same time change the way we teach.

Is this going to be available to players at home?

Yes. Anyone can buy KerbalEdu, you don’t need to be a school, though only educational institutions (includes libraries, museums etc. too) will get it at a discount. We also intend to bring some limited features (mission editor!) available for those who only have regular Kerbal Space Program. We don’t have an exact roadmap for that just yet, but be assured that our intentions are to make this available to as many gamers in the KSP community as possible. We will let you know!

Where to get it and where to follow what’s going on?

Main site - kerbaledu.com

@KerbalEdu on twitter

Mission library and mission editor


What is TeacherGaming?

TeacherGaming LLC is a small independent Finnish-American startup established in 2011 by teachers and programmers to adapt video games for use in classrooms worldwide. With the success of MinecraftEdu, TG’s network holds 4,500+ schools in over 40 different countries.


See you in space! (Which space?) (and happy holidays!)

TG team

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So it's going to be free for current owners of KSP, or not?

Right now you have to buy it through kerbaledu.com to gain access to the educational version. But, as the original post said, we are working to bring some of the features available for regular Kerbal-owners as well.

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It is possible you are reading it on a TN monitor?

I am indeed using a TN panel monitor, but using text that is of the same fundamental color as its background is bad design for readability in any case.

And no, "get IPS" and similar lines do not solve the problem and are none of anyone's business but mine anyway. :P

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If I had to throw a number, I would say 11 and up, but it scales well for all ages. It can be used to demonstrate basic things even to elementary school kids, but can offer challenge even for university students. For example at an elementary school it could be used to show what is really meant by saying that the Moon orbits the Earth e.g. what is orbiting. In a university it could be used as part of some basic aerospace engineering course, where the students could be for example asked to program their own autopilots as plugins to KerbalEdu.

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