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Spacecenter UI improvements

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With all the new contracts (satellites, bases, fly there and send a report) i think spacecenter's UI could need some improvements to be more user-friendly ;)

1) The category icons for ships / bases / probes / etc.: Some more categorys would be a huge improvement. It's becoming confusingly with all that "probes" and "bases" around from contracts. At least satellites or a "commercial" category would be great to be able to sort things out a bit.

2) It's fine that we see the available contracts like place satellite or so in the space center. But it's a lot switching between contracts and spacecenter to see what on the map is witch contract (how does it pay, what things do i need to bring there). For active contracts it's working fine with the small contract icon in the bottom right corner, but it would be great if a click on a spot / orbit in the spacecenter from an offered contract opens a small contract window with details, and ideally would let us accept the contract right there.

3) Please a filter for the active contracts being shown and the offered contracts, so we can hide both separately

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I came here to say basically the same things. Here are some of my comments/arguments:

1) There are already quite a few categories, such as bases already have their own. But I agree that for the probes contracts it would be nice to have an extra category, which will automatically be assigned to that probe when the contract is completed.

2) I think this has been mentioned before (at least on reddit) but it would also be nice to see an image and its info (like when you mouse over in the VAB or SPH, such that you known its mass) of the part testing contracts. And besides place satellites orbits it would also help if your suggestion would be applied to visual surveys, temperature scans, ect. Because especially with those on Kerbin it would be nice to know where they are, since after you have done a few some of those contracts, new contracts sometimes are basically positioned at the opposite site of Kerbin relative to the space center and those contract are a lot harder/take longer to do with airplanes.

3) I am also an advocate of this idea, but besides being able to hide them both separately, it would also be nice to be able to distinguish them when both are visible. Maybe by giving the offered contracts a higher transparency/lower brightness and/or giving them a dashed outline.

Since these suggestions only apply to the tracking station and mission control, I would therefore also like to give some suggestions for the contracts UI while controlling a craft.

4) I often tend to do have multiple crafts fly at the same time and let each one of them complete multiple contract, to maximize the profit, optimize usage of in-game time and adding an extra challenge of managing/planning them at the same time. This however does often means that I have quite a few contracts open at the same time, so it would be nice to filter them (with this I mainly mean the list of contract information in the top right). I have two idea to filter contracts, namely filter them based on the SOI you are in, or assign contracts to crafts, which would mean having a list of assigned contracts for each craft (but it should be possible to assign multiple craft to the same contract). It would also be an option that if you would click on the marker/orbit in mapview (or part for part testing contracts) you would be given the option to jump to the information of that contract, however this does not enables you to easily see flag planting or science gathering contracts.

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