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Make a wish... and have it horribly corrupted!


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Granted, but the wish is nullified and you are imprisoned for clear violation of the rules.

I wish people would read the OP at least once in a while.

Granted, but they don't read the OP for this post.

I wish that I knew of a wish that was difficult to corrupt.

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Granted. The influx of inappropriate wishes causes the thread to get locked.

I wish for a soft, cuddly Fluttershy plushie.

Granted, but it is so soft that when touched it falls apart permanently.

I wish that a spooky skeleton would jump out in front of vexx32.

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Granted. The people who do so are invincible, and can escape the trap via flying, walking through walls, and teleportation. They also have body armor which prevents soul stealing, and any number of super-powers which they can use to kill you.

I wish for unpoisoned cream soda.

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Wanting it won't get you it, you need to WISH for it.

EDIT: The universe becomes a kerbal, which has no universe to exist in. Thus, everything ceases to exist.

I wish KittyProgram had wished instead of just stating a "want"

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