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Make a wish... and have it horribly corrupted!


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Granted. You are now the only person on Earth who is forgetful, as you prove when you don't highlight the wish and think it isn't there, and grant it so.

I wish that I get 800 billion views on a youtube video (This should be easy to corrupt)

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Granted. It is made in China, and is thus painted white to look better. You die of lead poisoning after eating it.

I wish I learned how to code... enough to make an awesome game

Granted, you learn to code well enough to make an awesome game, but your souls sucked out by boojum and hence no game for you..

I wish everyone changed their forum settings to 'show new posts first' and maximum number of posts per page!

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Granted. It is now so efficient that a new super-state AI appears out of the combined minds of the bureaucracy (with each brain acting as a single neuron). The massive intelligence of the SSAI is so great that humanity is rendered obsolete and wiped out, leaving only the bureaucracy.

The SSAI continues to expand throughout the galaxy, spreading its bureaucrats to over 20 worlds scattered around the local stars. However, disaster strikes! A gamma ray burst completely sterilises a solar system. The resulting disruption to the SSAI causes it to lose coherence, and eventually die.

With the SSAI to guide them, the bureaucrats find themselves unable to do anything. Lacking the knowledge to rebuild (all information was stored in the communal mind of the SSAI), they die after a single generation.

Humanity is extinct in the universe.


I wish that bureaucracy would not be more efficient.

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Granted. You have been cursed by the gods.

You gain:

+1000 All Attributes

"Curse People" Greater Power

"Tentacles" Ability

100% Weakness To Magic

Gigantic Slime Form (Permanent)

"Inflict Disease" Lesser Power

"Plague" Ability

100% Weakness To Light

100% Weakness To Fire

I wish to get my old community reputation back.

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Granted. You have been touched by a magical artifact that allows you to spell the word "wish" correctly the next time you write it. Then you are cursed with misspelling every word you write afterwards.

I wish that I hadn't written "wish" so many times.

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Granted, but anyone who goes in drops their glasses and steps on them.

I wish that I could spell all words correctly.

Granted, but you become the most obnoxious grammar n**i in the world. (swear filter kicked in)

i wish for something i dont know

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