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Make a wish... and have it horribly corrupted!


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Granted. You are insanely good at making coins dissapear.. but you cant make them reappear for the life of you.

Eventually you end up broke.

As for making up money by being an attraction, you still end up with negative profits.

I wish for more wishes.

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Granted. You get however many wishes you want. Each subsequent wish is going to get corrupted even more than the last one, though.

Ninja'd. This time fairly.

So.. Granted. Your luck is immense and you have a great time. Everyone else is jealous of such luck and hates it (and you) with passion.

I wish to be less lazy.

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Granted. On the day you finally go outside, you collapse from fatigue and being out of shape, and decide to eat Pizza the rest of your life.

I wish for my broken computer to work again...

(Don't worry guys, I saved my DMSP save!)

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Granted. When reaching August, the Earth suddenly accelerates to ludicrous speed in order to move itself two months in it's trajectory in an instant. You, not expecting this speed bump, spill your drink. (Also, it moves back at the end of the month, so you spill your drink again. Darn it, Earth!)

I wish for an epic beard.

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