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Make a wish... and have it horribly corrupted!


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Granted. All of a sudden, a live news report shows in the corner. You gaze up in curiosity, and read the headlines: Master thief of pizza on the loose. Guard your delicious special arrangement of triangles on your plate. In the seconds it took you to read the news, it's already too late. He's come and gone. You look down to find not even a crumb left behind. You are shocked, then frightened. When will he strike again?

Because of this unfortunate experience, you decide to give up pizza forever, with the reasoning to not give him the satisfaction...

I wish someone would believe that my 1943 copper penny is real.

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google informs me that an Aries A3 is a surround sound system. Therefore your wish is granted, but you forgot to pack any music, peripherals, power cords, power adaptors, cables or anything else so it is completely non-functional.

I wish to be immortalized in history for doing something totally awesome.

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