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Make a wish... and have it horribly corrupted!


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Granted! You own a...


I wish for saturn to be at the same place and distance as the moon with the moon orbiting in a stable orbit around saturn as well as earth and saturn also has all its moons in stable orbits around saturn so nothing collides with earth or the moon and it also has its rings still.

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29 minutes ago, James Kerman said:

Granted but the repair, insurance and fuel bills send you broke:

I wish for an end to world hunger.


GRANTED! leftovers will fill the Earth leaving us with 1 option to burn it all causing global warm- wait isn't that actually happening? Also, we got another option is to send it into orbit but it wastes materials and money.

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18 hours ago, Program Kerbal Space said:

Granted! You have to take care of it and protect it from Star Destroyers!

I wish to be first at everything!

(Also @SAS123 bravo you beat me...)


You are the first person to be killed by alien Martian rapers! :D


I wish all videogames to be free

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15 minutes ago, cubinator said:

I wish for the power to make any speaker stop whatever it's doing to play classical music at will.

Granted but every time you use the power, You become more and more non-existent until you disappear entirely.

I wish for an undesirable wish!

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Granted. You manage to buy an ultra-expensive headset and end up a beggar, suffering and starving in the harsh snow because you broke yourself and can't pay rent or buy any sustenance.

I wish solar panels IRL would become affordable to the middle-class.

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Energetic infrastructure collapses, crashing any heavy indiusrty, only the upper stories of buildings get some Sun, while the streets are in wet darkness under a city-wide roof of solar panels .
Remains of the middle class escape to desert (because everything they have depends on solar panels) and downshift.

I wish for Tesla-style wireless power transmission affordable for the middle-class.


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Granted! After 2 years of introduction to Affordable Wireless Tesla Power, The largest recorded CME strikes earth causing a global EMP which destroys all non-militaristic Electronics causing Global Stock Market Crashes and takes decades to repair all the damage which in that timespan almost 80% of the world dies.

I wish for what i just wrote above to happen. 

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5 hours ago, Lemcal Kerman said:

Granted! But in doing so time goes before you turned back time and you are stuck in a loop for all eternity.

I wish I could travel to Lake Tahoe instantaneously


Granted! Your teleportation corrupted and you became a monster! (I wanted to make a Portal reference so bad)

I wish I could breathe underwater!

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