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Make a wish... and have it horribly corrupted!

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4 minutes ago, kerbiloid said:

Wait... Oh, ...!!!
Now we know who is guilty in the bees extinction.

I wish for the bees survival.

Gra... Ouch! Gra... Ouch! Gra... DIE *kills bee with a blanket*.

I wish people actually know how actually to rush B in CS:GO.

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Granted. You've found the table of contents in whichis a huge wall of text.

I wish tomorrow's lunch will have a fruit juice instead of a month-long mineral water.

EDIT Seriously, the last moment we had fruit juice all month-long is last year.

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Because the hall deserves its place there. 

Anyhow currently the dining hall management people gave us a Google Forms link to give feedback on their service. This includes hygiene, quality & quantity and menu options. So far these are the issues I'm aware of; worm(s) inside food (I'm not one of the 'fortunate' people), snacks served in low portions and the removal of our favorite menu; Nasi Lemak (Darn that's delicious).

I wish my moron classmate dies during Physical Education class.

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You eat it the best 

1 hour ago, Fraston said:

fish wish dish

ever made. Only to realize you are allergic to fish. You go into anyphylactic sick and are immediately brought to a hospital. You recover, but receive a large bill.


I wish I could fly an F22

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