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Make a wish... and have it horribly corrupted!


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Granted. I have all the materials to build a cell tower right next to your house! That'll be...1 million dollars. Hey, the crane I need to use to put this thing up cost a lot of money. Just covering expenses, y'know?

I wish for an "any" key for my keyboard.

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Yay, my get to page 669 wish came true so I am granting 2 wishes.

I am granting @Admiral Fluffy's missed wish back on 668. Granted. Everything you do goes throught Google and your browser is drowned in cookies.

And Granted. You get toy dump truck full of Legos tomato paste.

I wish that the guy who paid 36 million to go on a 1 hour ride to the edge of space, gives me a million in gold bullion.

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Easily granted as technically it already is. But since it is corrupted, George Lucas gets his hands on it and re edits it to have young Anakin's ghost turn up instead of Darth Vader. (Making as much sense as his re edit of the end of Return of Jedi.)

If you haven't already, check this out.

I wish for lots of people to check out the awesome.

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Granted. As you didn't specify, some random notebook out in the world has that error fixed.

I wish the Scott Pilgrim graphic novel series got made into an animated series.

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Granted. A nice batch of tree cookies, piping hot from the oven are thrown into your yard.

I wish Squad to fix the underwater swimming problem that 1.11.2 has created.

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9 hours ago, planet-creations said:

Granted. Squad somehow managed to patch themselves out of existence for some unknown reason.


I wish for a very long fuel tank.

Granted. You get a very long sealed pipe with fuel inside, which being sealed is now technically a flexible fuel tank.

8 hours ago, JB182 said:

i wish i had 100 pizzas

You get 100 gummy pizzas, and you faint from all the stuff you proceeded to put in yourself.

8 hours ago, planet-creations said:

Granted, but all of the pizzas are now contaminated with plutonium-238


I wish to complete sente

You complete an incomplete sentence.


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