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Make a wish... and have it horribly corrupted!


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Granted, you break the space time continuum and you are spaghettified into oblivion, destroying the universe, and the only remnants of the entire universe are an old VCR with a tape of a demolition excavator working, a 1:50 scale model LTM 1050 mobile crane, and a bowl of soup.


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Granted. You now have a Mine truck full of Legos tomato paste.

I wish I had had twice as much sleep as what I actually got.

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Tomato paste
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Hey, folks, we've had to snip some posts where there was discussion of moderator action taken on another thread.  The guidelines moderators have to follow requires us to edit or remove content that violates community standards. The guidelines which have been ignored in this thread are:

Forum Guideline 2.2q: Reposting closed or removed content without moderator consent. 

Forum Guideline 3.3: Do not openly discuss action (or inaction) taken by the staff (bans, warnings etc.). If you have concerns about a moderator action, see 3.4 below.

Forum Guideline 3.4 (for clarification): All of the moderators are active community members who try to set a good example and apply the rules as appropriately as possible, but they are only human and can make mistakes from time to time. If you disagree with something they have done, please contact them or a senior moderator privately, and the issue will be re-examined.


  • Quit posting about the actions we had to take in one thread in multiple threads across the forum.
  • If you have a comment, a complaint, or question about our moderation actions, reach out to the moderation team and discuss those issues in a PM. You are always welcome to reach out to @Vanamonde, who is the moderator who has the final say if you do not want to discuss things with other moderators.
  • Continued posting about moderator action/breaking the forum guidelines you agreed to follow when you created your forum account, can lead to us being forced to issue official warnings to those who want to continue to not abide by the forum guidelines. This includes and is not limited to official warnings or being assessed infraction points (enough of these can limit your ability to post for a while).
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Granted. But it tastes horrible and the resulting colour makes the average person want to throw up.

I wish there was a free and easy, but good and reliable way to convert other 3d models available online into KSP *.mu model files that work exactly as you want them to.

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