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Make a wish... and have it horribly corrupted!


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1 hour ago, Akagi said:

The worst thing that happens at Sakura HQ is Siren attacks.

Siren attacks heh?


That should do it.

1 hour ago, Akagi said:

I wish for DONUTS

Granted, Stormpilot eats it. But then Homer Simpson eats Stormpilot and the donut remnants.

I wish that Roscomos should focus on Sending Spacecrafts to Venus.

Holy Saint Nicholas II ! A new page!

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14 hours ago, Venusian Explorer said:

Granted. *ad-block sounds* yup, you can do that, no wait, i'm on firefox, and firefox is suspiciously incompatible with Ad-Blocker, what a shame.

Firefox has plugin called "Image block" . Very handy to minimise data wastage when you load up "What did you do in KSP today" and someone thoughtless has put 20 pics in their post without doing the polite thing by putting them in spoilers.

Granted: No more spam heads, now fish heads.

I wish for polite pic posters.

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Granted. Your spoilers aren't opening, you can't read pics.

I wish everyone would look at this CRAZY rocketship


haha nope! nyaaaaa~!


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Granted: You all have forgotten about it, read the thread guidelines and got back to what it is about.

I wish I actually had time to play KSP, not just build parts.

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Granted, but you find that you always need new parts to play.  So you still spend all your time building new parts and not playing.

I wish I could figure out how to fly 2 planes at once in KSP.

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