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Make a wish... and have it horribly corrupted!


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Granted: One Terrarium.

I wish for the last lizard to leave.

I did not wish for a new page.

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1 hour ago, ColdJ said:

I wish the wish that was wished 4 wishes ago.

Granted, but look what happened to the previous poster due to your wish? I hope, you are happy now.

I wish for emergency medical help for @Abel101126 before we got lost him.

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Granted. @ColdJ give you his mod...for spicy sauerkraut, which may or may not be a horrible corruption depending on your food predilections.

I'm feeling unimaginative right now so next wish granter, I wish for a surprise.

Edited by Exploro
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Granted: I am in fact Exploro, The one calling themselves Exploro is an imposter.

I wish I could eat lots of icing.

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