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Make a wish... and have it horribly corrupted!


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Granted. You see the tentacles sticking out from the pool and waving.

(was ninja'd)

Granted. It happened. But you don't find it funny.

Why are the late Feuerschwanz albums affected by Rammstein, while Faun ones aren't?

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Granted. Now Fallout fans wear duster coats 



I wish that Fallout New Vegas mod which adds the Fallout 3 assets and combines both games into one, worked also with Fallout 4.

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1 hour ago, Abel Military Services said:

Granted. But all you have is fallout 1 and 2 which you get them during the Epic giveaway. 

I wish for a 5 billion ton nuclear warhead 

Granted, the warhead weighs 5 billion tons, but has barely a single gram of fissile material in it, giving it only a couple tons of explosive power


I wish there were more comets

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26 minutes ago, Abel Military Services said:

Granted. Now it's Kerbal caveman program. Lead your tribe to the victory!

I wish KSP have a ion engine with high thrust and high specific impulse.

Granted, now you have an ion engine with 19,000s and 50kN, but it takes about 17 septillion ec/s

I wish for... hmm.. procedural galaxies!

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Granted. You get the Nuke you need. But the price you pay is having your brain and much of your spinal cord put into a robot. Which may sound cool at first thought. "Yeah, I'll be a bad-ascii robot like in RoboCop 2!". However, the robot is meant to perform mundane manufacturing tasks.

I wish for a corrosion free car.

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