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Make a wish... and have it horribly corrupted!


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Granted. Assuming you wanted an opportunity to photograph 'Oumuamua anew, it is flung back towards the Solar System to make a very spectacular arrival to your very doorstep.

I wish for a decent pair of sunglasses to witness this intense event before succumbing to the subsequent thermal pulse thereafter.

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Granted. But you see nothing, as Mu-Mu just splashed in underground water filling our basement, because the pump was switched off on the asteroid hazard.

I wish for one more dose of this sauerkraft.

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22 hours ago, Exploro said:

Granted. You get the Nuke you need. But the price you pay is having your brain and much of your spinal cord put into a robot. Which may sound cool at first thought. "Yeah, I'll be a bad-ascii robot like in RoboCop 2!". However, the robot is meant to perform mundane manufacturing tasks.

I wish for a corrosion free car.

Granted, everything around the car gets corroded before hitting the car for free! (Oh and this includes the road)

I wish.. for a KSP2 update!

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3 hours ago, Abel Military Services said:


I wish for lethal neutrino radiation 

Granted, but neutrinos almost never interact so despite quadrillions of them passing through you every second, nothing happens.


I wish for a silly thing to happen... hmm... maybe a boat spinning on a top that is floating in lava perhaps?

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8 hours ago, AlamoVampire said:

Granted, youre on a boat spinning inside a lava lamp.

i wish to be unwished.


Granted, but as you are unwished, a random wish happens that unwishes your unwish to unwish the unwish to the point where the word 'unwish' seems to have lost a bit of its mearning.


I wish for a way for Jebediah to not be stranded on a super-kerbin

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Granted. Kerbin is not super, it's a bad, poor Kerbin, ew.

I wish the egyptologists who reject the obvious facts of extraterrestrial assistance, were forced to built a great pyramid with Ancient Egyptian tech.

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Granted. You don't sleep, you produce. After having a look at what you have produced, you wish to sleep it all back.

As the previous poster already has 143 posts, I wish the White Hand of Saruman on his profile picture is just a forum software bug, not a real White Hand of Saruman.

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