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Make a wish... and have it horribly corrupted!


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Granted. It becomes the latest flavor of Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream and becomes a popular success. You get one free tub for the idea, but shall never see a dime of the profits.

I wish for an airfoil.

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Granted: You invent "Air Fencing", which is like "Air Guitar" but instead you duel with Air Foils.

I wish to learn and recall.

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Granted. You go back in time so far that you loop back to the instant you left. No matter which way you go, your arrival is the instant you depart.

i wish i was a was that could be a was so hard it never was.


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Granted. On the one hand, atmospherically optimized NTR's expand humanities space-faring horizons. However, I hope you have a lead-lined rain coat and galoshes when going out into a radioactive rainstorm.

I wish a new computer.

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