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Game Keeps Crashing


Hi, my game keeps crashing during loading since i installed these new mods, which i really want. i watched this video

and did it just like he did but with different mods from curse such as b9 aerospace pack r5-2-6, optspaceplaneparts v1.4. kw release package v2.6d. and firespitter 634.

here are my error reports

report file - http://www./view/sxxdakhqx0ze38y/report.ini

output log - http://www./view/y76alzdow0nqj70/output_log.txt

error log - http://www./download/o5iz29zyx0rlmhv/error.log

i have a crash.dmp but i cant seem to link it to you. thank you for your help

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Hello, out of memory error, you have to many mod to play in KSP 32bits (limited to 3.5 go of ram), KSP 64bits doesn't work well on windows, if you want to play with many mods, you need to play on linux :P (b9 is a very big mod, it takes lots of ram).

And have you updates your mods ? because I see that the video that you have posted is quite old. And I've seen an old ModuleManager on your log and many other errors ...

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^^^^^^^^^^^ If you run KSP 32-bit, you will have most likely run out of RAM (or memory). You will have to say goodbye to some of the mods you use or use a mod called 'Active Texture Management' alongside your current mods. If you run KSP 64-bit, its an unstable version due to the game engine KSP is built on, and its going to crash a lot, especially with mods.

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