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(Cheat mod) Automatically train kerbals

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This can be done by editing the savefile, but I was thinking if someone more knowledgeable can make it into a script or mod. Once you get more advanced probe cores, pilots aren't necesary anymore and once science is maxed, training scientists doesn't make a difference. But engineers, OTOH, have relevant skills no matter the tech tree. And here comes the problem, IMHO: training engineers (ok, all kerbals anyway) in preparation for a mission (say, a Jool-5) becomes tedious: Make a large kerbal transport, fill it with your untrained crew, land it on Minmus, EVA all kerbals, plant flags, take them to short trip into sun's orbit, return to kerbin.

Rinse and repeat for every new batch of kerbonauts you want.

So I wonder if some cheat mod can be done which gets your kerbals at level three (or more) the moment you hire them at the Astronaut Complex

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