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[1.0] Mk3 Mini Expansion Pack (Mk3 NoseCone and Alternate Cockpit)

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This Mini pack contains 2 Parts : Mk3 Shuttle RCS nose cone, Mk3 Airliner Cockpit

This mod will be dedicated to Mk3 parts, in long term more parts could be added.

Currently the cockpit's IVA is WIP similar to stock mk3 cockpit, aswell as light option.

I modelled the Nose cone from space shuttle endeavour, but i couldn't get it exactly the same i hope you guys wont mind it.


New update (v1.2) requires you to delete previous versions:

Go to GameData/OPT/Parts/ delete mk3_cockpit and mk3_cockpit_shuttle_nose from there!



for installation just unzip the zip file in your KSP installation folder.

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Thanks to Naito for his awsome NASA style space shuttle! >>>http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/103703-0-90-Mk3-Space-Shuttle

Thanks to Porkjet for inspiration of texturing and squad's mk3 designs


This work is Licensed under a Creative Commons

Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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are you planning on making a shuttle structural adapter for mounting multiple engines like the space shuttle? maybe shuttle wings too because clipping looks to weird for me

i am considering adding the tri or quad adaptor for mk3, for wings you can try B9's procedural wings http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/104966-0-90-B9-Aerospace-Procedural-Parts-0-3-Updated-27-12-14 is still a WIP though but i think is a good mod for wings

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This is really great. For the rear section of the shuttle past the cargo bay, have you considered making that all one piece? For instance the fuselage, OMS/RCS shoulders and engine mounts all in one, reducing the parts cost?

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When I load my game with this mod , the textures appear for the new parts including the airliner Mk3 cockpit but the stock mk3 loses its texture and turns into the blank white model....

Stock bug - the stock Mk3 textures are in tga format and KSP's tga loader is broken in that it sometimes doesn't load tga files. It's entirely random, but I believe ActiveTextureManagement fixes the issue.

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These are beautiful, just what I was looking for.
MK3 airline cockpit looks nice! much stockish :D

"lights on" would be a nice option.

Thanks!! just updated the cockpit abit, now it have lights, it's less pointy than before, i also adjusted the color to more fit stock mk3

heres my jet xD uses b9 procedural wings and adjustable landing gears and some opt intakes


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Nice work as usual. I've got a suggestion for your shuttle pack.

I did some measuring on the real shuttle (based against the size of the Shuttle's cockpit from the nose to the start of the cargo bay) and compared that against the Mk3 cockpit and your nose. The dimensions are spot on, however something needs ammending.

For the dimensions of a Mk3 KSP shuttle to be accurate to the real one, you would need a long cargo bay, and HALF of a short cargo bay.

Is there any way you could make a half sized short cargo bay? :)

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Excellent parts. I really like the design of the airliner cockpit, but can't justify using in my game, as I'm trying to cut down on unnecessary parts. I love how you've implemented the shuttle nose part, with it merging into cockpit. The polygon count seems unnecessarily high though.

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