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Looking for an RPG

Captain Sierra

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Okay here's the deal. I'm looking for an RPG to get into but after a half a dozen games, I have yet to find one that gets me. I figured the large gamer community we have here can point me towards some things I haven't found yet.

I got into Firefall and I still play that on and off. The big selling point there is the gameplay is very much about player skill over accumulated in-game skills. Anyone know of anything else out there like this?

I tried to get into TERA, which is somewhat like that, but I just couldn't get into it.

If anyone has any suggestions, I'd love to hear them. I'm rather open on theme. My price point is $30 or less (no subscriptions, F2P is good). I prefer things that don't have auto-targeting (manual aiming). I personally value player skill>in-game skills, but I know thats hard to find, so far from mandatory.

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Dungeons and Dragons Online - for those who not brain-dead.

Terra is flashy but stupid.

WoW is getting worse and worse.

Asian RPGs ... well ... kill 10 wolves ... kill 100 wolves ... kill 1000 wolves ...

Oh ... offline RPGs?

Oblivion, Skyrim, Wizardry 8, if you don't mind old games... I still play Wizardry 7 under dosbox sometimes

Fallout and Fallout NV is too depressing for my taste.

Of course, all the Baldur's Gate and IceWindDale family... Arcanum ...

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Problem is, all the good ones are on subscription.

To date, this remains the only reason I haven't gotten into EVE. EVE is one I really want to get into but am not in a financial position to support. Pile on the inescapable fact that the running price of PLEX is outrageous, especially for a newer player, and it's effectively eliminated.

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Dungeons and Dragons Online - DDO - uses "free to play" model. Only thing you need to buy is Epic Destinies unlock at level 20. And trust me, you not getting level 20 anytime soon. DDO premium currency - TP - is also given for faction reputation rises, and it's possible to save enough to level 20 to get ED.

It's adaptation of paper DnD games, and you need to think and plan a lot - like in KSP. Especially if you are mage.


And forget about EVE - unless you can enjoy living in criminal neighborhood and dodge scams and killers every day.

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Well, if talk comes to DDO I might also mention LotRO (Lord of the rings Online) ... from the same company (Turbine) as DDO, but with a more open world.

DDO has a few central hubs (the most important being the city of Stormreach and its suburbs) from which you can enter instanced quests/dungeons.

Those quests/dungeons can only be entered by yourself and members of your group (if you have a group).

Almost all of the important action (fight and looting and so on) is instanced, meaning that noone aside from you and your group will take part in it.

In contrast to this LotRO is a huge (and I mean huge = really huge ... and still getting bigger) open world, where only little of the content is instanced (that also means, however, that on some (rare) occasions you might have to "stand in a line" in order to defeat certain quest enemies :D

As both, DDO as well as LotRO are F2P, you are, of course, advised to try both.

Also, if you play DDO, you should definitely visit Gary Gygax memorial which is located in Deleras Graveyard in Stormreach (AFAIK the graveyard is freely visitable ... but for the quests in the graveyard you will have to buy a questpack)

You might also want to visit the memorial for Dave Arnesen in the Ruins of Threnal, but AFAIK you will have to buy the Ruins of Threnals questpack in order to do so (also it would be advisable to only visit this location at a higher level, as the giants who dwell there are rather dangerous for low level heroes ;) )

I found it to be a nice touch that they added those memorials after the death of the 2 founders of D&D :)

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