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Music to Launch Rockets To - KSP Music Thread


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For some reason, listening to Snoop Dogg gives me lots of creativity, making it suitable for KSP.

This thread sure lacks some hip-hop.

- Classic Beastie Boys' "Intergalactic", from Hello Nasty (1998). Kraken fight included in the music video :

- Deltron 3030's old-school "3030" (2000) :

- Beloved PuppetMastaz. "Mastaz of Ceremony", from Revolve and Stand Up! (2012) :

Don't miss the Kerbal-approved speech at 1'25''.

"I also was disappointed that just another human, - of black or white, I don't care -, has become president, and not an animal, a furniture or a puppet, as we have hoped."


too. Sadly they have no music video.

- Not space-related, but I've enjoyed playing KSP while listening to cLOUDDEAD's psychedelic hip-hop. "The Velvet Ant", from Ten (2003) :

- If I were looking for something teeth-clenching, I would turn to the Death Grips. "No Love" is an awesome, blustery track. Or fly to the tune of "Birds".

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"Space Age" by Jay Chattaway (also known for Star Trek: Next Generation episode soundtracks), from a 1992 PBS documentary

Tangerine Dream's "Mars Polaris", dedicated to the lander that later discovered to be unit-challenged....


Also, the various "Babylon 5" episode soundtracks by TD's Christopher Franke.

I especially recommend the absolutely awesome soundtrack for "Europa Report" by Bear McCreary (who also did the Battlestar Galactica series music, and many others) - this one has to be played with good speakers/subwoofer to experience the full depth and layering of this sometime intensely heart-pounding work of art...

This is just one of the tracks:

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I find more often than not songs that have a space theme use it as a thinly veiled euphemism for S-E-X!!!

Nicki Minaj - Starships

Puddle of Mudd - Spaceship

I think I might get in trouble for this... Good tunes though!


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While I usually have speakers off when playing KSP, I've just decided to celebrate my next big mission by listening to the following during launch:

It has a slow start, but when the soprano sets in the first time is the perfect moment to press the launch button imho.

Anyhow, if you don't know it yet, and aren't afraid of symphonic metal, I can only recommend to listen to the complete album "Eppur Si Muove", best with lyrics.

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The soundtrack from Ned for Speed: The Run

Rocket launches suddenly got dramatic and tense!

PS I can't edit my posts on a tablet with Chrome because the Delete Post button's click area (not the button graphic, the invisible area box you click on for the button) takes up the whole screen.

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Queen - Don't stop me now

"I'm a shooting star leaping through the sky

Like a tiger defying the laws of gravity

I'm a racing car passing by like Lady Godiva

I'm gonna go go go

There's no stopping me

I'm burnin' through the sky yeah

Two hundred degrees

That's why they call me Mister Fahrenheit

I'm trav'ling at the speed of light

I wanna make a supersonic man out of you"

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