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Graphics Card upgrade,is it worth it?

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Hey fellas,

Got a question, but first here's my rig at present moment-

GPU: GeForce GTX 660

CPU:Intel Core i5-3470 CPU @ 3.20GHz

Memory:G.Skill 8.00 GB DDR3 Ripjaws X C9 1600MHz


Got a little money for Chrissy and was wondering what to spend it on. To be honest I could probably only afford something like this I was to go Graphics Card. What kind of difference could i expect from the 660 or would I get more out of using it with the 660?

Any help appreciated.

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Definitely not. It's only one generation old(if you consider the 760, not the 970 and 980), and it runs pretty neat. Not to mention that this is a "rank" lower, (50 vs 60), and looking at the benchmarks a 750 ti performs much worse than the 660.

Even if you had more money, it's not worth it unless you spend your money on a 970.

Your GPU is simply good at the moment. If you want another awesome GPU, I would save that money, and ask the same question next year. Then you have twice the money and the performance gap is bigger.

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I said Defintly. :P

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Would it be worth upgrading for me?


CPU: Intel core I5 3330 @3.00GHZ

GPU: GeForece GT 620


Would be grateful if you could have a quick look here as I have no idea what anything means :P

Price range is about £100

Something like this maybe?

Oh and just to say I only really want it for KSP as most other games I play run fine with it. (apart from skyrim maybe)

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Thanks for the advice. Think I'll spend it elsewhere then. Could also do with a new keyboard. Much appreciated.

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