You could also go through the files and remove any extraneous :FOR[SETIrebalance] directive. Example: In the file : /GameData/SETIrebalance/MM-PartModding/SETI-PartMod-VenStockRevamp.cfg Change: @PART[KerbCan]:NEEDS[VenStockRevamp]:AFTER[VenStockRevamp]:FOR[SETIrebalance] To: @PART[KerbCan]:NEEDS[VenStockRevamp]:AFTER[VenStockRevamp]     Make sure you ONLY REMOVE the extraneous directives.  If the patch contains somthing like: @PART[asasmodule1-2]:FOR[SETIrebalance] or @PART[K2Pod]:NEEDS[JFJohnny5]:FOR[SETIrebalance] leave these :FOR directives in place.   @Yemo I've already gone through all my files and done the above.  If you have a git repo I can help.
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