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How many screenshots have you taken?

How many screenshots have you taken? (Approximate if you don't know.)  

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  1. 1. How many screenshots have you taken? (Approximate if you don't know.)

    • 0-25
    • 25-100
    • 100-500
    • 1000-2000
    • 2000-4000
    • 4000+ (How many gigabytes is that!?)

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I take screenshots left and right. I periodically upload them to OneDrive, and after about a thousand, I'll make a new OneDrive folder and nuke the screens on my hard drive. I'm up to about 2400 screens now, since I started playing KSP in 0.22.

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My name is Remkeau, and I'm a screenshotaholic.

Got about 2500+ floating around in the steam screenshot folders, I love mashing F12. It's nice to sometimes browse through them and be reminded of craft and missions of the past. It's fun in it's own right.

@r4pt0r, the F2 button hides all of the HUD for prettier pictures

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I tallied up from all of my 27 (!) KSP installs over the years for a grand total of...! 2,037 screenshots. Blimey, I've been at this for a long time, haven't I? Around 20% to 25% of those shots have found their way onto my site and thus been featured on this forum, too.

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Advice for compulsive screenshot takers: twitch your gameplay and then screenshot your playback. Much easier to get the perfect shot than to spam the key in the middle of a complicated operation.

My almost-five-thousand screenshots are less than a twentieth of a percent of my fixed disk storage.. Magnetic disk is still king of the terabyte (outside of tape anyways), baby!

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The title pretty much says it all.

I have 17092.

Been playing since .23.5 so 4/17092 = 4273 screenshots per version.

Does a thread like this already exist?


Sorry, missed this thread.


I have more than poll since I never delete them.

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Thread and poll title don't match. I have taken thousands of screenshots, but only have ~1000 still lying around :) Which one do you want?

EDIT: No longer valid since threads merged. On topic, I would say ~2000, with only ~1000 still surviving

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This thread is quite old. Please consider starting a new thread rather than reviving this one.

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