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Superluminal: A2 Art Final Piece


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Man, this was really well done! Pretty much everything about it was very amazing and decent.

And for a second there, i thought our British astronaut was going to be some extraterrestrial's lunch. Raises alot of interesting questions, and that's perfect!


You know, aliens like the ones in this short are cool because advanced alien civilzations like in most sci-fi things should be too smart to have wars like in every sci-fi movie.

Benjee and James Cameron are the only people who really understand that and make movies about it.

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That's so awesome! If this would be a 2 hour movie, you would definitely win a oscar! Also, was this guy a real person that you filmed or is he made with the magic of computer graphic? By the way, you really made me want to send a mission with a similar ship to Laythe. That would be so epic :cool:!

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