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KSP UHC (Ultimate Hard Core) [Vanilla]

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Hey everyone! A while ago I posted a hardcore challenge using a mass of mods and a challenge to post a flag on some of the celestial bodies of the Kerbol system....

Now I'm going one better! With the release of 0.90 it is quite possible to create your own Ultimate Hard core mode from within the vanilla game's difficulty settings... so I've taken on the challenge and started a new series on YouTube so you guys can track my progress and see f you can do better.

Here's the challenge:

  • Vanilla game... absolutely NO mods
  • Start a new game with HARD difficulty settings... AND
  • Set starting funds to 0
  • Set all rewards to 10%
  • Set all penalties to 1000%
  • Survive!

These settings add a HUGE challenge to the early game, such that if you pick the wrong contracts, or if you make a mistake somewhere along the line... you're out of funds and can't launch your next rocket!

This challenge is for the hard core players who are looking for something new to try.

For those who want an actual GOAL... here are some added goals you can aim for:

  • Plant a flag on Kerbin's North Pole [100 points]
  • Plant a flag in two different craters on Mun [500 points]
  • Plant a flag on Minmus [200 points]
  • Plant a flag on Duna [500 points]
  • Complete the Tech Tree [1000 points]
  • Record it for YouTube and share the vids here [5000 points]

To get you started... here's my pilot episode so you can see which contracts to pick first to get you started...but I did NOT use the best possible rockets to start with... so see if you can do better!

- - - Updated - - -

And here's the first Official episode after the Pilot:

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