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.90 Delta IV Heavy

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Been searching for a more high rez/detailed Delta IV heavy than what can be made with the stock parts.

I know ULA was working on delta II / IV but haven't seen much development from them for a bit.

Google/KSP search has failed me...noooooo.

So if anyone has one for .90, is making one and needs help/donations for time, drop me a line, link,

a craft file, or general this way buddy.

Thanks, and a huge thanks to all the modders who take the time to add to a great game!

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I don't know what the orion would be like, but for my delta IV I use 2 orange tanks, with 2 at the bottom(sides of it) and all mainsails. it can pu up to 23 k of payload into orbit, but the downside is it needs fuel lines, and needs to be rebuilt(for some reason)

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