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Kerbodyne Touch & Go Racing League

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Stock Formula 1 (no chutes, fully fueled)


- - - Updated - - -

Of course, the one time I forget to hit record is when I end up breaking the 3 minute mark...

- - - Updated - - -

Stock Open (no chutes)


The box in the upper left that's just showing a zoomed in image of the timewarp chevrons is supposed to be a zoomed-in shot of the MET, but I didn't notice it was wrong until right after I was stopped. I'll get it right for the next one! Planning on trying out NEAR or FAR.

My newest plane design also looks kinda like that, but I'm still improving it. Dang, 2:56 is awesome! Congratulations!

I will send in a new entry soon :D

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Decided to see how a turbojet version of the Super Sparrow would fare. The answer is 'drastic improvement': Best time, 4:05 for Stock Open, race 1.

Probably my most dead-center landing yet. Didn't quite manage it as fast as the other one, though.


Went to a much higher altitude to take advantage of the turbojet there and back. Never hit Mach 2, but got about 1.5-1.7. This shot was right before I did my full power dive.


One thing I figured out this time was that it's best to shed as much speed as possible in the air to compensate for the plane's fairly light weight. Full stop at 4:05.


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May I enter with AJE installed? It modifies the stock jets, using NASA's enginesim algorithm.

Yeah, why not; I think AJE would mostly be a disadvantage rather than an advantage. I'll put a note on your times to show that they were AJE-affected in case anyone is bothered.

Still stock engines only, though.

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