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[1.9-1.10] Throttle Controlled Avionics

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Wanted to revive this very useful thread with a question. Does anyone no how to “add” engines to TCA? The Airplane Parts helicopter engine are not compatible with TCA. Possibly adding or changing something in the part files could be a start?  This mod seems perfect for them. Any help is appreciated.

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On 9/2/2020 at 2:03 PM, Tokamak said:

I'm still trying to get MechJeb and TCA to play nicely with each other, and still having a few issues. Or rather, one issue. I don't know if there is workaround, or if this would have to be added, or if I'm just doing something wrong. TCA is an awesome enough mod (Thank you!) that I'm willing to get fiddly if needed.

TCA prevents MechJeb from changing the craft's orientation. Most of the time I can solve this by turning off all of the navigation options (Level, Stop, Anchor, etc) and turning off "Stabilizer" and "VTOL Assist" in "Advanced Settings" does the trick, but sometimes MechJeb just rotate the craft. I know it's TCA because disabling TCA instantly fixes the problem. But in some instances TCA still totally prevents other mods from rotating the craft, even with all of those functions disabled..

What I'm trying to accomplish is some way to have TCA _only_ balance engine thrust and gimbaling and not craft orientation. Is this possible? I figure I might be missing something, or there might be some technical reason why this isn't feasible.

(Additionally, I just checked and it also interferes with RemoteTech's Flight Computer, meaning I can't use TCA if I want to do a burn on an unbalanced craft with a non-negligible time delay.)


The short version is: Can I tell TCA to *totally* let other mods manage actual rotation, and have TCA only deal with balancing thrust. At which job it is *amazing*.


Completely skippable aside:

Just because someone is likely to ask, the reason why I use MechJeb even though TCA has some functionality overlap is that TCA's advanced functions like landing seem to work very well on VTOL aircraft, but appear to be really not optimized for my use-cases. An example being that its landing function does nice careful soft landings like you'd want for a VTOL aircraft, that drink up fuel like crazy with rockets, but usually I need a fuel-efficient hoverslam/suicide burn, which seems not to be what TCA was designed for. Hence using MechJeb.

TCA is *AMAZING* at balancing an unbalanced craft. It's also good with functions like hovering, slow gentle landings, and other things that drink up rocket fuel like crazy but are great with jets, or when you have a lot of extra fuel.


Did you ever figure this out? 

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The KAX Expansion mod has a helicopter engine that works with TCA but that is the only helicopter engine that works with it. Thankfully that engine works with Tweakscale so building bigger helicopters is possible. Still waiting on an answer about the Airplanes Plus engines. Maybe I should post this in that thread too.

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I am trying to land on a platform that I put on the mun but I always end up about 30m away from the pad. I turned off collision but it didn't help. Its there a setting I could change to get better accuracy?

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