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[Hardware Plugin] Firmata and Direct Serial for Arduino/Others on (MAC/*NIX/WIN)

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I have written PsimaxSerial, a re-namespace and modification of System.IO.Ports with some added features. This allows KSPAddons to open a direct serial port and talk with an Arduino or any serial device.


  • Direct Serial Communication
  • Firmata Protocol Support



So far I have only tested this on Mac and Windows, but I see no reason why it shouldn't run on Linux too.

I have a Arduino successfully talking over serial with KSP, using TVout and rendering some HUD elements over composite signal.

The HelloWorld and HelloWorldFirmata example basically just sends a few chars to represent the state of RCS when in control of a vessel.

HelloWorld sketch is in the comments of HelloWorld.cs, and the HelloWorldFirmata example requires FirmataStandard 2 to be flashed onto your Arduino, see

My Arduino running TvOUT

Screen shot of my Arduino Rendering on a LCD:

Video Demo:

The arduino sketch I am running is up at and it depends on TVout library and using a 1K and 440ohm to connect to a composite line input.



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