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[1.3] Kerbal Wind (R13, 2017-08-14)


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Kerbal Wind

Implements wind and a continuous-gusts model for Ferram Aerospace Research. Provides GUI with settings for wind direction, speed and turbulence magnitude.

The mod was Inspired by KerbalWeatherSystem by silverfox8124 and the addition of a wind speed hook to FAR's API.


FerramAerospaceResearch is a dependency. You need it or this mod won't even load.

Blizzy's Toolbar is an optional dependency. Stock toolbar is also supported now. Which toolbars to use can be set in the configuration file which you have to edit in order to make the change.



(Source code on GitHub)

Installation: Extract the zip file content into the GameData directory.





I took an early release of KerbalWeatherSystem as template, gave it the polishing that it deserves, and thus turned it into this fun little stand-alone mod. Proper permissions were given, and now my code is released under the MIT license.

Much thanks to Ippo for writing the FAR patch that lets you add wind, and Ferram4 for making FAR and accepting all those patches.


The code is subject to the MIT license (see GitHub page). In addition, the creators of derivative work must give credit to silverfox8124 and DaMichel. The toolbar icon is subject to the WTFPL (http://www.wtfpl.net/)

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Looks awesome! Maybe if I get the time I'll muck around with it.

One feature I've been wanting with these wind mods is the ability for the winds direction and strength to change on its own. Y'know, because landing on the KSC runway wasn't hard enough? ;)

Seconded, a randomize direction/speed button is seriously needed to be a proper wind mod.

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@Ippo: fixed (will fix the readme soon ;) )

@people wanting moar: Yeah, anything more is probably out of scope of this mod. I don't have the time nor do i want this to overlap with KWS. As stated, gusts are within scope but i don't have time for that.

Edit: I should add. I had a brief look at how gusts are modeled and found a wiki page http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Continuous_gusts. Looks like, in order to make it somewhat realistic one needs to synthesize a random signal with a certain power spectrum. I'm not that much into signal processing to be able to do that easily. Further issues are, computational efficiency and time dependence. Cited models only considers a stationary velocity field. I'm open for help/ideas.

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@Everyone, the way I see this mod, and I could be wrong, but it's close to what you'd get if you were testing a craft in a wind tunnel. It's to show you the effects a certain direction of wind, and strength of wind, would have on the craft. Author please correct me if I'm wrong.

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First and foremost i wanted to have some fun trying crosswind landings and takeoffs with DIY planes :)

@silverfox: Except that you cannot fly around in a wind tunnel. Wind tunnel tests give you numbers like the FAR gui shows. Cl, Cd, etc.

@Groot: Not exactly. Quite the opposite.

@Abdu: Well, at any given point there can only be one wind direction/speed. At the moment both mods will conflict. (AFAIK) Only one of them will be able to get its wind vector into FAR. In future we could think about changing the code so that several mods can add their contributions but it's pretty low on my list.

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@Invader Myk: I don't think so since its is linked to the FAR dll.

@dlrk: No. You could try your luck with this version, but i doubt it would work.

@politas: Lol. Go thank silverfox :sticktongue: for this one. But i thought the little arrow makes it clear. It works like in the mission editor of DCS. See the dials on the right. Same thing except that you can set any heading you like.


Edit: Just checked. It's better done in DCS. There it shows you the correct heading where the wind comes from. That makes my labels confusing. So i will eventually change this again. Thanks.

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Err, whatever. Here is a new version.


It gives the "correct" direction now in the title bar and has the button labels removed to avoid confusion.

From now on i will also include the readme with source link and license to comply with forum posting rules.

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Hey really like the mod add a nice little enhancement to the game. I believe with the recent update of FAR this mod need to be recompiled? I am no modder or coder all I know is I have errors in my log mentioning FAR and that kerbal wind is no longer working since I updated FAR. Though I figure you may be waiting for 1.0 at this point. If it isn't too much trouble I would like to request an update just so I can use the mod with the latest version of FAR. Thanks for you hard work much appreciated!

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