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Where are you from?


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Near Aachen.

A long time ago a guy called "Karl" deceided to hang around here a lot - when he wasn't out in the woods, punching Saxons for no particularly reason at all.

Here's Karl, on the top left:


Apparently, Karl liked to drink water which smells like rotten eggs, which you can still drink today, in here:


Karl also liked to bath, preferably in warm water, and around here a lot of hot water bubbles out of the soil; that water sometimes also smells like rotten eggs.

After his bath he sat around on his comfy throne, and I assume, he ate a lot of rotten eggs there.


Yeah. Celts were here, Romans were here, Franks were here, French were here, some guys in tanks were here, and now I'm here. I bet I have expired eggs in the fridge.

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I'm from very eastern Canada.
Nova scotia, Canada.

Assuming you're not reffering to NF and L RIC, that makes 3 Maritimers' on the forum


btw stalkers: congrats, you have narrowed down your search to ~2 million people, gl checking every last house in an area bigger than France...

edit: well, guess RIC is a Newfie...

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I'm from my mom

Oh, yeah! Well... Your MOM's from your mom!! OHHH!

*I realize he wasn't cracking a dumb joke (only a true one)*

I'm someplace in the UK, but not where those pesky foxes are. I'm far away, so they can't eat my royal animated biscuits.

The obscurity is real.

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