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Whats the stupidest name you've given to one of your ships?


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"Lander Calrissian"

Bwaaaaaahahhahahahahaha now that's a good one; the only one that made me lol

Back when I was trying out the demo, I made a series of MonkeyLaunchers, I think I made it to version 12 or so and made a Mun landing with it.

After I bought the game, I developed an onion-ringed jumbo-tank version that became known as the Goliath, the basic core design of which I still use to this day. When I learned about asparagus staging, I managed to kludge it into a workable 200ton asparagus lifter that became known as the Goliagus, which slew many would-be Davids during its development. Goliagus was abandoned when money became a thing.

I've never been much good with spaceplanes. I once tried to make a monster with Mk3 parts (before I knew they were borked) called the Albatross. I don't think it ever got off the ground in one piece.

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Kersplat - first capsule I put into orbit!

I thought it was (and actually still do) think it is funny to name things to start with the letter "K". I know it is lame, but heck, if it gets a good chuckle, then it's worth it. So, I introduce Kersplat Aerospace Industries - with the goal of sharing my "K" craft as soon as I figure out how to do it.

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I wanted to spam Science at KSC, but I didn't have rover wheels yet (they unlock sooo late), so I built "Jet Rover", which is exactly what it sounds like. Later I needed a plane to spam Science near KSC, so I just stuck some wings on it and named it "Jet Rover Flying Edition".

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I tend to go with Banksian style names.


Lapse of Sanity

Just Like a Simile

Still Life With Supernova

Immovable Force

Unstoppable Object

This Is Not A Name

This Is Not A Sentence


(λx. λy. x y x) (λy. λx. y (x y x))

Multifoliate Rose of Death's Dream Kingdom

Look On My Ship, Ye Mighty, And Despair

If You Can Read This, You Are Literate

The Y combinator ones (those with all the parens) are probably the stupidest.

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Rich's Folly, for a Munar lander that used a MK1-2 command pod as the "foot" in a pogo-like configuration. After all, it's got 45m/s impact tolerance! It had 4 engines around/above it like a puller tug. It did land, and make it home, but was realllly finicky about tumbling during the landing. If I build one again, I'll put 3 or 4 command pods on the outriggers with a strong engine in the middle. Maybe tilt them out to prevent tumbling. The idea is to use this for the 3-star training mission, but it didn't have enough dV left after the landing fiasco to make it to Minmus SoI.

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Ah, I forgot a few:

  • Spider Dispersal Device
  • Springy! -- a thing that sort of happened while testing a super-heavy landing leg configuration stolen from Whackjob for my Eve return lander

The spider-related ones involved weird dancing i-beam configurations stolen from either Danny or Xactar. I wanna fill LKO with flailing metal to perform Kesler Syndrome: the Musical. :D

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