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[Stock Helicopters & Turboprops] Non DLC Will Always Be More Fun!

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77 Industries: Turbine Engine Division

I really need to update this ... but IMGUR usually likes to give me a hard time.

Soon (ish).




Here it is, my first new turboprop since 1.0.4.

77I-Azi11 Curious Chakora v1



Born on April 22, 2016.

For the first time ever it has stock variable propeller pitch :cool:


  • You'll get best results out of this airplane if you install V.O.I.D. so you'll have an engine speed readout. Just like real life, a propeller has an optimum blade angle for every speed. Propeller speed too high means too much drag/pitch angle too low. Propeller speed to low also means too much drag but angle too high.
  • For anything with turboshaft engines, stock drag is too high. Use the F12 menu -> Physics tab -> Drag tab, set "Global Drag Multiplier" to minimum.
  • When using V.O.I.D, switch off "kerbal engineering calculations" or you'll get a massive performance hit. 
  •  How to disable jet engine smoke (it eats a lot of cpu/fpu power): http://i.imgur.com/ICwCb0K.jpg
  • If you want the ability to overrev turboshaft engines, go to your Physics.cfg in the KSP root folder, change line 89 which says "maxAngularVelocity = 31.416". Set the value to 50 or higher. This engine wil RUD at speeds higher than 35rad/s.

This engine/propeller setup has an optimal speed between 28-31rad/s (267-296 rpm).

  1. Decouple turbine shaft (AG1).
  2. Switch to the shaft, then press AG2 to enable prop pitch adjusment.
  3. Set pitch to a value between -100 and -50. Use V.O.I.D. for engine speed readout.
  4. Switch to airplane, enable SAS.
  5. Start the blowers (stage).
  6. Keep tail to the ground, let SAS do the flying for now. Switch to the shaft to increase prop pitch, keep engine speed between 28 and 31rad/s.
  7. It will lift off at around 42m/s. Double tap AG4 to retract the landing gear. Never press G or you'll ruin the engine!
  8. SAS will keep the plane flying and level but keep in mind the massive torque of the engine. A right turn will be easy, a left turn is done best using both rudder & ailerons. The lower your speed, the more difficult it will be.


Download link





The easiest to fly stock helicopter yet, the CTR3! (KSP 1.0.4)




Breakthrough! Only 293 parts! For a coaxial, that's nothing!

Javascript is disabled. View full album


It's not pretty, but who cares! Low part count!

Born on September 8 2015

Action Group 1: toggle forward thrust modifier (tilts nose down)

Download link: http://kerbalx.com/crafts/5119


CTR3 Sky Crane is live!




Born on September 11 2015

Action Group 1: toggle forward thrust modifier (tilts nose down)

Action Group 3: toggle landing gear brakes

Action Group 4: Arm/disarm claw

Action Group 5: release grapple

Download link: http://kerbalx.com/crafts/5167



I finally completed my work I started in 2013! I love turbines, turbo's, superchargers! And piston engines! I don't care for electric motors.


The new addition to the family: the 77I-TR33D "Singing Strigoi", a modern turboprop, tandem seat sports airplane

Released April 4 2015.

An original design with a totally new engine! I really love the look of this one! It's powerful with 6 blowers in a triangular setup, yet still pretty economical! Flying time is estimated at 75 minutes at full throttle, top speed guesstimated at 330 km/h at 9000 meters. Max speed in a dive: 702 km/h.

Javascript is disabled. View full album

Engine: TR3+3RE, 170kN, max 270 rpm.

Parts: 563

Mass: 50.8t

H/W/L: 11.4/48/30,5m

Download link:



The 77I-P47!


Javascript is disabled. View full album

Released on March 17 2015

Thanks to my own invented testing rig, I was able to tune my engines and get a lot more power out of them! This one uses the new PO4+4RE2 engine, with a power output of roughly 215kN! The propeller is adjusted for high speed at high altitude, therefore acceleration and climb speed aren't special. It's top speed is 125m/s (450km/h) at 9000m, which is the highest of any of my released planes and a new record! It's dive speed is what makes this one special: 220m/s (780km/h), another record! Still, economy is great with a max flying time of 47 minutes at full power! Very easy to fly, just use some trim.

Download link: http://kerbalx.com/crafts/1368


The 77I-Bf 109G2:

Javascript is disabled. View full album


Released on March 10 2015.

This uses a slimmer engine than usual but with roughly the same power output, the IL8R. An 8 blower 24 blade turboshaft. The plane has a lot of fuel tanks, even in the wings. Could've released it earlier but wanted to give it the first stock retractable landing gear. The system works but can't handle the weight of the plane. Maybe I'll put it in the P38 (yes people, I'm building a Lightning). So instead this one has a fixed landing gear which you can drop so you can belly land and have some 'splosionstm

Download link: http://kerbalx.com/crafts/1322

And read the (few) instructions!


Some little ones! Low part count! Both based on the same platform, wings and engine: the 77I-Azi2 "Whistling Gnome" and the 77I-Azi3 "Whistling Goblin"!

Both born on March 6 2015.

The Gnome is a trainer and aerobatics plane, has a short flying time and is best suited for low altitude only, due to it's high speed prop.

The Goblin is more of a jack-of-all-trades, being able to do aerobatics, bombing and transport. Also suitable as a trainer. This one can fly a lot higher before the turbine meets the red line.

Javascript is disabled. View full album
Javascript is disabled. View full album

The engine is my smallest, lightest and most economical yet, the Azimech PO2R. The complete package including prop, fuel tank, fuel lines, battery, probe core and air intakes is just 75 parts! Created with the knowledge from the past month this one uses only 2 blowers but with the efficiency of the larger ones!


If requested, I can publish an even hotter version of the PO2R, but due to being tuned to the max it needs an additional starter and needs to be kept at higher speeds until shutdown. This one cannot be air-started (exept maybe in a steep dive) and only started once. For real pilots only!

Download links, en be sure to read the (few) instructions!

Whistling Gnome: http://kerbalx.com/crafts/1285

Whstiling Goblin: http://kerbalx.com/crafts/1288

For both: Fly with trim, not SAS!


Here's my fourth turboprop airplane, the 77I-Fw 190A! Born on February 25 2015. An even better and more powerful engine than the previous type, this one uses the PO8R: 8 blowers & 16 turbine blades, with a 3 bladed prop, producing 170kN! Very easy to fly, much easier than the previous one! This one is pretty close to the original in shape, although very large and without a radial engine.

Why? Because we can't build radials yet!

New! Improved version! Less airframe mass but more fuel! Increased speed! Better looking cockpit! Range almost doubled!

This is an improved version of the Fw 190A 1.0, the Fw 190A2. Born on February 26 2015. It's got an improved prop for more high altitude performance, less mass and A LOT more fuel: 2700kg in the drop tanks and 3000kg behind the chair, for a total of 11700kg fuel. Flying time increased from 25 to 45 minutes at full power. A lot of extra piping makes sure that all the blowers keep running even if tanks are unevenly drained.

The part count has grown but ... I've replaced a lot of parts with physicsless counterparts or at least lighter variants.

Javascript is disabled. View full album

The video shows the 1.0 version!



Download link with instructions: http://kerbalx.com/crafts/1209

Download link for the 1.0: http://kerbalx.com/crafts/1201


This is my third turboprop airplane, the 77I-Azi1 "Yodeling Yak". Born on February 23 2015. It's a 4 blower 8 blade turboprop with a 10 blade propeller and a new bearing design.


Javascript is disabled. View full album

Instructions: First stage is all you need, the second stage is just the cosmetics in the cockpit.

Start engine, throttle up en use rudder and aileron to keep the plane going straight. It will lift off automatically. Use trim to cancel out forces during flight. SAS doesn't do a great job with this. Mechjeb is better (but eats fps!)


Mass: 33t.

Height: 12.2m.

Width: 42m.

Length: 29.9m.

Engine: one Azimech PO4R turboprop, 99kN, 24.75kN per blower. Prop efficiency at sea level, zero km/h: 55kN.

Parts: 451

Top Speed: around 75m/s at 8000m.

Download link: http://kerbalx.com/crafts/1180


Here's my second turboprop airplane, the 77I-8A2I "Yelling Gazelle". Born on Ferbruary 17 2015. It's immensely more powerful than the 7A2O! Better looks, better handling! Can fly reasonably well without SAS! Two seats, two command pods in the cargo bay. After the pilots have taken their seats, you can open the rear cargo bay and drop the pods.

Javascript is disabled. View full album


The probe core is under the cockpit floor! Choose "control from here" if you take kerbals with you.

Throttle at 50%. Press space. Wait until props are spooled up a bit. Go full power.

Action Group 1: wheel brakes.

Action Group 2: open/close rear cargo bay doors.

There will be two explosions, one for every separator falling from the craft. This is harmless and normal!


Mass: 66.4t tanks full. 55.9t empty.

Height: 14.0m.

Width: 52.0m.

Length: 30.0m.

Engines: Two Azimech T8S8B4 rev.1 turboprops, 136kN each, 17kN per blower. Prop efficiency at sea level, zero km/h: 50kN.

Parts: 450

Top Speed: 77m/s (277 km/h) @ 3250m in level flight

Download link: http://kerbalx.com/crafts/1133

A variant with improved range! The 77I-8A2I-IR!

Mass increased from 66t to 77t.

Parts: 468

Download link: http://kerbalx.com/crafts/1134

Another variant, the 77I-8A2I-RP!


RP stands for Reduced Parts. Conventional cockpit and reduced part count at the expense of less range and less ideal take-off characteristics.

Mass: 72.3t

Parts: 386

Download link: http://kerbalx.com/crafts/1135


The first ever stock turboprop airplane, the 77I-7A2O "Screaming Turtle". Born on February 13 2015. Others have claimed to have built a turboprop before but I don't consider jets or rocket engines mounted on propeller or rotor blades true turbines. Yes, this plane is fugly. But it's about the engines, not the airframe ;-)

Javascript is disabled. View full album

There will be two explosions, one for every separator falling from the craft. This is harmless and normal! Any other explosions means the engines are starting to fail.


Throttle at 50%. Press space. Wait until props are spooled up a bit. Go full power. After lift off, enable SAS.

There is an identified bug in engine number one, it will fail eventually, creating some nice explosions. I'm on it.

In the mean time, enjoy the raw power! :-P


Mass: 51.6t tanks full. 40.3t empty.

Height: 14.8m.

Width: 43.8m.

Length: 43.7m.

Engines: Two Azimech T4S7B4 rev.1 turboprops, 45kN each, 11.25kN per blower.

Parts: 475

The animated gif is an earlier version, watch as something goes wrong in engine #1 and it starts to wobble. I flew for another 20 minutes then landed.



Download link (version 0.8): http://kerbalx.com/crafts/1085


The first ever twin turboshaft helicopter, the 77I-5H2U "Sir Smokesalot". Born on February 5 2015Inspired by the Mil V-12

Javascript is disabled. View full album




Mass: 72.8t

Height: 14.6m.

Width: 69.8m.

Length: 42.3m.

Engines: Two Azimech S4S5B8 rev.1 turboshafts

Parts: 657


Switch on SAS,

Keep power at 50%

Hit space,

Wait until blades are turning,

increase to 66%, it will lift off and climb steady.

Note: The engines are uprated since yesterday and much more powerful. Running at 100% for a short while may result in parts of the engines exploding, RUD of the rotor or even a total jam.

see 77 Industries 77I-5H2U on KerbalX.com



The first ever stock turboshaft helicopter, the 77 Industries 77I-5H1. Born on February 4 2015.

Javascript is disabled. View full album



Noisy, a lot of smoke and using a lot of fuel! But it uses a turbine!

Tip: attach Mechjeb for control, it does a better job than stock SAS. In that case: the probe core is under the pilot seat. Choose "control from here" on that one.


Switch on SAS,

Go full power,

Hit space!



Length: 32m

Width: 32m

Height: 9m

Engine: one Azimech S4S5B4 rev.3 turboshaft

Parts: 355

see 77 Industries 77I-5H1 on KerbalX.com

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5-way symmetry on the blades?

Just like the russkies do them! Probably courtesy of Editor Extensions.

Awesome helo! And the turbine is not such a bad thing: The rotor is much lighter, so you get less induced torque to get rid off with the tail "rotor". Plus, you could add more fuel to it in the body, and just run fuel lines. You have low RPM on the rotor, so you can probably lift a lot more weight.

Rune. And it looks good too! If only it was smaller, I'd love it completely.

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Yes, the rotor is Soviet-inspired :)

Actually the whole thing is a tiny bit like the HIP-8.

A smaller version is something that's easy to build, the whole engine is a plug & play into a new chassis.

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Great job here! This is some really neat stuff. I know firsthand how much work these projects take! Can't wait to see more!

People really need to give this thread even more attention than it currently has. I love it!

Edited by Jon144
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Cute cockpit, and nice craft.

Awesome landing gear

but i think it has too many parts, too many sas wheels...

I'd like to see a copter that uses no more than 2 size M SAS wheels (using counter spin engine to stabilize the rotor wheels friction)

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You're free to try and develop it yourself :-)

I think you'll find the general opinion that without a working cyclic/collective and a more functional (jet engines spool up/down time is horrble!)/less fuel consuming anti-torque, a general control system with only a few stock parts is very hard to accomplish.

- - - Updated - - -

Wow. I love the cockpit that you have made! I want to use it on my spaceship! or something like that! Looks really good!

Now the wait is for stock procedural transparant materials, so we can have real windows :-)

Great job here! This is some really neat stuff. I know firsthand how much work these projects take! Can't wait to see more!

People really need to give this thread even more attention than it currently has. I love it!

Thank you very much! And I've got a question for you, may I use your Skywhale cargo bay design for my coaxial helicopter prototype?

This craft.. is mind-blowing.

Stupendously amazing! :D

Thank you! More to come!

- - - Updated - - -

That's a beautiful craft!

Thank you!

- - - Updated - - -

This is awesome, Azimech! Kerbal meets Minecraft.

Although I don't really see Minecraft in this, thank you!

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You're free to try and develop it yourself :-)

Thank you very much! And I've got a question for you, may I use your Skywhale cargo bay design for my coaxial helicopter prototype?

Yeah of course! Any of my concepts are ones to be shared.

@RevanCorona: That's really unrealistic... The reaction wheels are not only used to cancel out the torque but also make the helicopter controllable in other axis.

The only way to do this would be to make a stock swash plate to change the direction of the rotors. That however would had to be made using reaction wheels.

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My current experiment.

Completely stock. I'm still having problems with the control rod hinges, they're not flexible enough. Swash plate control is a problem too: the landing gears can only be toggled.


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