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[1.0.5][WIP]FantomWorks 0.3.3 KAX+ Part Pack


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Thanks :) it looks great!!

It is radially attachable..I just put it on top of two fuel tanks;)

I also have a normal inline cockpit version of it, with no seam, and a little different texture...what do you prefer?

I prefer the inline version, no seam pls. Anyways, it looks handy, radial or not.

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I prefer the inline version, no seam pls. Anyways, it looks handy, radial or not.

Thank you!

Also a two-seat inline tandem cockpit would be nice, like on the Embraer SuperTucano or KAI T-50.

Good idea :)

Hey Freddy. Question:

Have you tried to get your kerbals out of your cockpits recently?

I'm getting reports during EVA attempts from Jeb that there aren't any crew hatches.

I know of that problem, but I dont know how to add a hatch, yet :( If some one knows how, PLEASE tell me. :)))

Update: I've found a tutorial

When is the cargo tail thing going to be fixed so you can drive stuff into it?

Oh, I've fixed some time ago, but I forgot to put it in the updated parts folder. I'll update the mod now. It should work now ;)

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I know you've fielded so many requests, but if you're ever bored with the hundreds of things we've already asked you to do, I'd love it if you'd make a B-29 Superfortress-style cockpit. It would fit perfectly onto the KAX 2.5m fuselage! I hope to make an accurate B-29/X-1 flight.


Just made the basic model :D what do you think


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Pretty good. Any chance you diversify into more fighter-style stuffs?

I'm working together with an other member of the forum, and we are planning of probably making a military and a commercial airplane parts mod seperately..so there is a really good chance of seeing more fighter cockpits in the future ;)

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I've been looking for a B-29 cockpit to launch Beale's Taerobee Bell X-1 from! Perfect timing! What diameter are you thinking about going with? The IVA should be a joy to model, eh?

If you're looking for a WWII bomber style cockpit, you might just try SXT He 111 cockpit, just rescale it.

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