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Mod that improve the popup menus [images inside]

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I personally have a problem with the current pop-up menus:

They usually appear out of the screen, sometimes can't click the buttons if I don't move the screen, or zoom out. Would be nice if they appear centered always.

Recurrent problem

I think the modder community would benefit from an improvement if any of this is done. Also the players.

For the player:

  • The pop-up menu always appear fully on the screen.
  • * may be expanding to the center of the screen of is near to the edge.
  • * may be always centered on the screen
  • * may be draggable, so when you can't see part of it, you just drag it or always draggable if you can implement some of the other options.
  • bigger buttons! possibly in a square form, if there is few of them in the menu.

For the modder

  • The possibility to use an image in the background of a menu.
  • Adjustable size buttons
  • The possibility to place the button anywhere on the menu
  • Allow to replace the button with an image.
  • What about a circular menu like some games.

Some images as example (the general Idea)

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I like this suggestion better than the current situation, but can't help but think that someone with a keener eye for design (Say, someone with a job at a marketing company) could come up with a more elegant solution than the default Unity right-click menu.

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Well, the right-click menu itself isn't bad, it's the positioning of said right-click menu that is (also, please no circular menus... <shudder>) I'm not entirely sure if it's possible to mod this into KSP, maybe using reflection or some other trickery I have very little experience with. But, basically, the upper left corner of a right-click menu appears at the screen point corresponding to the center of the part. At a minimum, the menu should ensure it is on the screen when you right-click. As for overlaying windows, I'm not sure if Unity is sophisticated enough to have the menus avoid each other (your fuel transfer example) or if its possible for a window/menu/element to check for others on the screen.

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