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[1.0.4] Munar Industries - Modular Fuel Tank Expansion (BETA)

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[1.0.4] Munar Industries - Fuel Tank Expansion (BETA v0.93)

A collection of 52 modular parts designed to allow for greater flexibility in craft configuration.

This addon supports InterstellarFuelSwitch and it is included. I highly recommend using it, as it pretty much doubles your options.

For more info about InterstellarFuelSwitch please refer to the Interstellar Fuel Switch thread.

(If you want to use InterstellarFuelSwitch with all your stock tanks see the ReadMe.txt in the Extras folder.)

CrossFeedEnabler is also supported on all radial tanks.

For more information about it see the CrossFeedEnabler thread.

This addon also uses ModuleManager and includes the latest DLL.

For more info regarding ModuleManager please refer to the ModuleManager thread.



Extract to wherever and drop the GameData folder on top of (not into) the \Kerbal Space Program\GameData folder.

Agree to relevant overwrites. Please check your dates when overwriting. Favor the latest version whenever possible.

If upgrading from 0.90 remove the entire Kerbal Space Program\GameData\MunarIndustries\Parts\FuelTank directory.

Then drop the GameData folder in your Kerbal Space Program folder and overwrite GameData and all subfolders and files as usual.

Recent Changes:

0.93 -- FSfuelSwitch has been deprecated. It is now replaced by the more reliable, InterstellarFuelSwitch

0.92 -- Large Radial Tanks rebalanced to make more sense. As a result they received significant buffs.

0.91 -- Textures converted to .dds. Thanks To InsanePlumber for taking the compression task off my hands.

0.90 -- Five Meter Tanks added

Be Aware:

This is Beta v0.93 and is subject to any sort of change before v1.0 Gold. The target for Gold is the day we are done tuning and bug free. :wink:

I'll try my best not to change the part dimensions or attach points. However, broken stuff is broken stuff, so please be careful about backing up things as you switch to newer versions.

Planned Changes:

1) Up-res 5m Tank texture. (Seriously, it needs it)

2) TweakScale support.

3) Adding 3 more tanks to fill a few gaps in the set. (I will post details later in this thread)

4) InterstellarFuelSwitch settings for the pressurized gas tanks. To allow for switching between Xenon, Argon, etc.

5) Further texture upgrades. The current version features 1st pass textures and there are a few errors here and there.

6) Optimization. There is further optimization possible and I intend to do it... for obvious reasons.

7) Mk3 cargo bay replacement parts to allow the doors to clear the large radial nacelle parts without colliding.

Reporting Bugs:

When you find a bug, and I'm certain some of you will, please remember to post the part name along with any relevant screen shots.


Kerbal Stuff


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Still Have Questions?:

Kottabos has done a pretty decent video review of the all the parts. Check his channel out and subscribe!

Special thanks to SQUAD for taking their time and having the courage to go it alone.

I don't even want think about what sort of PoS we would have instead if a major publisher had gotten involved.


-Munar Industries

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Congrats to release :)

Thanks! There's more to come so keep an eye out. :)

- - - Updated - - -

I've been waiting for these since you posted the preview on reddit!, can't wait to use these. Great work!

There's more on the way and please report any issues outside of texture stretching and the like. I know all about that stuff and I hate it, so it won't last long.


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KSP... always a mod you've never seen that everyone else has. :)

I may have to rename what I'm doing even when I add support for it.

I don't really write code. But I know how to cut up and rearrange the work of smarter people well enough to make it go... sometimes.

I'll take a look and try to figure it out.

EDIT: For clarity.

Edited by Munar Industries
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Since most of us are struggling with memory is it possible that you reuse single texture for different sizes of the same part (same texture for LG MD SM variants)?

This definitely. Even better, use the stock textures as Lack does with his SXT pack.

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FYI - In the Parts/FuelTank/RadialAdaptLG directory, it looks like you intended there to be three separate/different parts, but they're all identical in the VAB.

OK, sorry... If I'd stopped to think for a second, I would have caught this straight away. Actually, there are supposed to be 3 and they look mostly the same. The ones that go with the slanted MK3 fuselage adapter look almost identical to the one for the unslanted Mk3 fuselage adapter.

Why does the slanted version need 2 you ask? Because when KSP "mirrors" a part it isn't actually mirrored. It's position is, but the part doesn't actually scale inversely to flip its axis. It just rotates. Because of this, you need both, a Port side and a Starboard side part. That's what the seemingly duplicated parts are all about.

I understand why Squad has it the way it is though. It could cause problems if it didn't do its transforms that way. They could be gotten around, but you would still have the problem of backwards text on parts. Even that is surmountable, but very small potatoes right now.

- - - Updated - - -

Since most of us are struggling with memory is it possible that you reuse single texture for different sizes of the same part (same texture for LG MD SM variants)?

Further optimizations are planned. There are a couple of tanks that haven't gotten that yet. Specifically the Xenon and Lightweight Tanks (ones with the gold foil). They do already share between their sizes but need to get organized so that they can all share a sheet.


- - - Updated - - -

This definitely. Even better, use the stock textures as Lack does with his SXT pack.

This isn't really possible. I started out trying to do this and began hitting walls pretty quickly.

There just isn't any way to keep things on the stock textures and still have them look as intended. Believe me, I tried.


- - - Updated - - -

Very nice indeed, well done sir.

Thanks! I hope you find them useful. :)

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YES! I love the models and I hope for RO compatibility soon, other than that so amazing and unique. Love the idea for the different size radial tanks since I have always wanted a way for a stockalike Atlas rocket.

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Can the next update include a modularfueltanks cfg? I have no idea how to write one, and I depend on it...;.;

Concerning the MFT config, I'm pretty sure that MFT has a catch-all that should've added that feature to these new tanks. There shouldn't need to be any extra work done.

Have you tried them out in your game yet? Because it works in mine with Real Fuels which is a branch of MFT.

Also @Munar Industries, a few minor issues:

- All tanks calling themselves 3.75m tanks are in fact 2.5m tanks.

- The TT-S1 toroidal tank's description should say 2.5m not 0.75m

- The TT-L1 toroidal tank's description should say 3.75m not 1.25m

- The 5M-- Adapter and 5M-D1 Dome tanks's name and description appear to have been switched

Edited by SpaceHungryMan
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I'd like to see support for CrossfeedEnabler. That would make the radius tanks work so much more logically.

I think that can happen in the next few weeks. I have a number of issues to address. One of them is just downright embarrassing. I somehow in my head, shifted the scale on everything in the names and descriptions, and then shipped like that.

That isn't going to be a trivial change that I can hit in under an hour. I could just change the descriptions but then all those errors would be propagated through every consecutive version. As soon as that is done I'll hit my list of things i need to support.

CKAN will be 1st because it's the easiest. Then I'll hit one of the 3 other things requested, probably crossfeed enabler.


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