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[1.0.x]Destruction Effects (flames and smoke on joint breaks)

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Destruction Effects:


This mod adds flames and smoke to certain parts' joint break event.

At the moment, these parts include:

-anything with "wing" in the name

-anything with "fuselage" in the name

-anything with fuel or oxidizer as resources.


Note to modders: I'm trying to minimize the quantity of my mods, so I will not be working on this any further. It could use a bit of polishing though, so I am releasing it under the CC0 license, which means anyone can take it and change it and re-release it without even asking me.

Download from GitHub


License: CC0

Video by Space Scumbag:

More videos:

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Just released and already being abandoned to the whims of the community? That's nuts man.

That being said, it sounds like a great companion to CollisionFX which, due to the apparent disappearance of the original author, I've been fiddling with to give KF tracks a good dusty trail as they roll over the terrain.

This also reminds me of BAM, which came out practically side-by-side with .90 and added explosion scaling based on fuel and explosion potential.

I look forward to diving into your source.

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There are a lot of mods out here that should be all merged together. We've got destruction effects, collision effects, smoke effects, flame effects, and variable explosions coming out of every orifice here on the forums. While it would be awesome having them all in one place, it would also become a serious chore to maintain. For instance, take a look at the mechjeb source if you ever feel like getting a nasty head-splitting headache. It took me 40 minutes to scan through just one of the source files in that project, and that's not even the tip of the iceberg.

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While that would be nice, It's not at all what i was getting at.

The entire effect is just some fancy work done on the stock smoke effect. It would work and look a lot better with smokescreen, He could emulate the flame like it already does, But also leave an actual black trail of smoke as well. I made the suggestion because it's a better use of the mod, Not because I want an all in one package. The main advantage being that smokescreen's smoke lingers a lot longer.

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One nagging thing: These effects persist in space, where I wouldn't expect smoke trails.

It also seems to happen with decouplers--or at least, it does with SpaceY's.


Beyond that? BEST ABANDONWARE EVER. :cool:

(Quite sincerely, the effect is very nice, and I hope someone picks this up to maintain!)

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This mod is amazing, Why would you abandon such brilliant mods? Now we need the collison FX guy to implement this into his mod, and create one big Super FX mod with better fire textures like what was in the first dev video (If they can be made less Computer intensive.)

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