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Kethane vs Karbonite

Whats your favorite resource mining mod?  

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  1. 1. Whats your favorite resource mining mod?

    • Kethane
    • Karbonite
    • Other

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While I have only used Kethane before, I look forward to Karbonite.

One, it gives me a reason to have bases on the Mun and keep them there, not just a bunch of mining landers that hop about and go back to a station in orbit to full it up within a few game days time. I plan to have large mining colonies - it look like Karbonite takes more time to collect and process then Kethane - so that means long term settlements - not just little hoppers.

Two, placement of said colonies - they will need to have power to keep mining - do I place them on polar areas where the sun MAY reach them all the time? How will I power the colonies if solar power is not always available? Those reactors are heavy.

Three, I have to overcome the issues of transferring processed fuel into visiting craft using stock - always a challenge - so as to get the fuel into stations or tankers in orbit.

Four, Karbonite sounds like something out of Star Wars. And while a hard sci-fi fan myself, love Outland, that is still a plus in my book.

I can go on forever because I overthink stuff like this - and that is why I am looking forward to it becoming stock. It is a challenge in game - one I can go out from any direction I wish to, approaching and testing out new ways of handling the same problems.

Also, to be honest, I have never been very effective at getting fuel into space - so most of my projects rarely leave the Kerbin-Mun region of space. This addition will allow me to start thinking of true interplanetary travel and long term colonies on other planets. To design and build true spaceships, not just shuttles, tugs, stations, and landers.

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Well...with Kethane MOD you can do all of the above...just takes a little resource have to have Life Support and Self-Sufficiency as well...Kethane was the door to my success; I still keep it handy and use it as well (!); in fact without it I cant detect the ground resources !

Cmdr Zeta

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For your prior post, sounds like a whole lot of operator error vs. any flaw in Regolith. Kethane does not have atmospheric or oceanic resources, only crustal. Also, it does not provide background processing, either for scanning or for resource harvesting - which is a pretty significant feature of Karbonite (or any regolith based mods).

Granted, this may soon be a moot argument since we're getting a highly moddable resource framework in stock ;)

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I will admit there have been a few times background working would have been useful for me. It takes the best part of the day to fill up my Kethane plane, and if could have one mining while I fly another one I'd save a chunk of time overall. When I've got Kerbals waiting for a rescue that's important. But ultimately not having background working isn't the end of the world.

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