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Female kerbals and the original 3

What will happen to the core team with female kerbals?  

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  1. 1. What will happen to the core team with female kerbals?

    • No changes.
    • 1-2 member switch
    • All members switch
    • Core team expand
    • No more core team
    • Freedom to choose members of core team
    • Other (post your speculation!)

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Well, actually, in career mode you are pretty much forced to use Jeb on all early flight missions since you can't fire them and you're limited to like, five Kerbals. Random Kerbals FTW.

Actually, you can fire them. I fire the useless two and hire a couple more pilots.

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The original team are poster faces for the program and the game. So it is kind of important to have something for everyone to kind of relate to. Even if they are green alien space frogs. It is the reason we have female kerbal in the first place.(I prefer them as genderless aliens though.)

Adding to the original sound plausible, but since the astronaut complex only hold 5 in the beginning, that means some more changes may be in place if this route is taken.

It would be nice if we have choices for our core team.

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Im somewhat surprised nobody has mentioned the Original 7 US astronauts. They were all male, but in light of being PC, it would be an appropriate starting lineup. 4 male, 3 female.

Edit: I looked at XCOM: EU and they use a default of 70%male,30%female. Just sayin.

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I still prefered to consider my Kerbals as asexual creatures. But I think it's preferable for everybody to have the choice, in that spirit, I think we should be able to choose our three first members, and I think Jeb, Bill and Bob should definitely be part of the kerbals that we would be able to choose from.

I hardly see how anybody could complain about this solution.

On a side note, I don't like the idea of expanding the team, because for me, the game always have been to start from scratch. I think this feeling would be lost if we could start with 6 kerbals in a Barn, 3 seemed like a good number.

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looking back in the dark threads in the bottom of the pile, I found this


would you believe, people were concerned about Kerbals going random.

And it keeps up the topic of

why are we bothering making a huge deal over nothing, keep it or add 3, makes no difference to how you play other than a first name....

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why are we bothering making a huge deal over nothing, keep it or add 3, makes no difference to how you play other than a first name....
It should be blisteringly obvious by this point that it does make a significant difference to quite a few people, even if not to you.
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Something else I think would be fun is to have a trio of orange-suit female Kerbals with unique names added, just like the original three. Start the player off with three entirely random Kerbals and then have the six orange-suits show up at random times over the years as your space program operates and grows, maybe by milestone. They show up for recruiting and stay until dismissed or hired, unlike random Kerbals.

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Bill, Bob, Jebediah, and Valentina are the four kerbalnauts that have accounts on this forum (with maxed-out reputation).

Since this forum is obviously the Official ForumTM of KSP for letting us know what's up, these four will obviously by the official First Four.

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Replace Bob. Nobody likes Bob. Either that, or have female counterparts.

Bob is my favorite. He's smart and adorable. I love them all.

- - - Updated - - -

Get rid of the original three. Completely random Kerbals on new game is the way to go. Let's write our own stories.

And yet somehow he has lots of +rep.

How can you hate on Jebediah Bill and Bob? They're the most well loved Kerbals of all! If you remove those three, you glob, then Kerbal Space Program players will fall.

(My attempt at a rhyme)

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To crib my own earlier suggestion from reddit, add a new three for 6 starting Kerbalnauts (in Sandbox)

In Career you get three, assigned randomly for each of the three Roles (perhaps have the other three hireable in the Astronaut complex at a certain reputation?)

Val; For Valentina Tereshkova (Pilot)

Sally; For Sally Ride (Engineer)

Helen; For Helen Sharman (Scientist)

Val, Sall and Hel to compliment Jeb, Bill and Bob.

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I say make another, make them wear blue suits and be named Jessica, Bobby, and Billwinia (see what it is based off of). Make them have the same stats as Jeb Bill and Bob. For the naming decisions, I made a thread for that a while back http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/101190-Female-original-three-possible-names

Let us decide which original 3 to have at the start, but as soon as possible the rest will be auto hired.

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I don't get why any "original three" female kerbals would be named after real astronauts. Jeb, Bob, and Bill, as far as we know, aren't. Did any of the original kerbals have female names? (I can't find the picture)

I think when starting a new career you should be prompted to select 3 Kerbals to start with, who will always wear orange suits. In this scenario, a 6 person, 3 male 3 female, core team would fit well, along side a selection of random Kerbals, letting you choose who your planet's greatest heroes will be.

I like this, it seems like a reasonable plan.

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6: Something else, likely a female 'Original 3' as counterparts, or just a Jeb Badass-flagged counterpart.

This, the last part. I think Valentina Kerman will be a new original Kerbal, and a BadS.

A pilot would make the most sense for newbies, two pilots means two default chances to pilot with SAS, and 4 starting kerbals is a good amount.

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Why would they add to the original three? They're called original because they were in the first release. You can't just add in another member like that, otherwise they won't be original anymore. Just have them randomly spawn like all the other kerbals and leave the original three alone. This isn't even that big of a deal. And why do I feel like there's so much sexism going on? Having all 3 original members male is under-representation?! Having all 3 replaced by females would be under-representation!

Jeez, people. Female kerbals don't even make a difference. It's just like, what, a remodel and a retexture?

I think Valentina Kerman will be a new original Kerbal,

New original kerbal? That makes no sense. How can something be original AND new?

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I like the idea of having a core group to pick from at the start.

Personally I'd like 6 options, 3 male and 3 female, one of each gender/profession combination. And you can pick from 0 to 5 of them to start in career (assuming you have a 5-Kerbal cap to start) or from 0 to 6 of them in sandbox.

Then we'd have - you know - choices. To play the game the way we wanted to.

Also while we're at it, I'd like to be able to orange suit my own Kerbals, maybe after they've reached rank 5.

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It matters a great deal to those of us who view people of all genders as equal that there be equal representation. Preferring male kerbals in the default team forces a bias that spits in the face of equality. Keeping the original three can not possibly be justified, as there were no female kerbals before--citing tradition as reasoning here is tantamount to saying "only men should ________ because no women were allowed to do it before." I am in favor of randomizing your starting team somehow. How about this:

3 kerbals (one with each job) are randomly allotted as your starting crew from Bill, Jeb, Bob, Val, and two other female kerbals with unique names.


You always get Val and Jeb, as well as one or two other kerbals, randomly assigned from Bill, Bob, and two other female kerbals with unique names.

If Squad doesn't balance this along with the rest of the balancing attention KSP is getting, they are bluntly saying women don't matter as much as men. I also agree with the several others in this thread (and past threads) who have called for more female mission control and engineering kerbals at KSC.

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