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The Number War: Count to 100 or -100


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This is why there should be a rule that says you can only post every two posts, just cause well, balance.

Tried that last time on another forum. It wasn't fun at all since players not just have to watch the latest posts for error, they also have to watch the previous posts of other posters to continue the game. Hard to keep track of who post what every few posts especially during fast pace post battle and pages goes by real fast and errors will get piled up and you have to backtrack to see where it all start, even more often than now. So this time I remove that element to allow for easier and faster gameplay. Of course this does lead to cases where a two person team can just boost the number by themselves, which I do noted in rule 2 that it is technically permissible, but will be looked down upon and I will record their win snidely. I think from this point on I might keep track of number of wins through boosting and have it posted next to the score, so people know how often a team resort to that tactic.

Side note: I just updated rule 6 so that error reporting procedure does not require the player to add/subtract to the number in their error reporting post, to avoid conflict with rule 2. You now can report an error even if you hold last correct number. However, you are still not allowed to add/subtract to it before another person does it succesfully as per rule 2.

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