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  2. @Nertea Here's my findings concerning the reactor start problem. Attempting to start one with no (or not enough) active radiators triggers it. I assume the reactor overheats in a flash. Quickload fixes it.
  3. [WIP] North American Rockwell Mars Excursion Module

    A'ight, round-n..., this time, only the MEM-lab collided into the MEM-base (according to the 'Flight Results'), no more ball tanks flying around, the Kerbals almost looked sad I tested only on the launch pad, on earth. OT: Your NAR logos found their way into the new 'RealAgenciesCollection' mini-mod, thank you again So, if anyone should have a part with the 'North American Rockwell Space Division' manufacturer, without having your NAR-MEM installed, the parts still show up with a tiny icon in the VAB, yay^^ I think they won't conflict, in case both are installed (NAR-MEM and RAC) since I used exactly the parameters you already had set up here.
  4. [1.2.1] Prakasa Aeroworks

    Yaaaaay! Flight-Sims! I started on a ultralight a while ago I was trying to export to X-plane but, I'm doing something wrong and all the tutorials seem to be grossly out of date. Their forum support seems to be lacking as of late. Maybe it's time to switch sims... Got a VR headset recently and even with a 1080 it seems I'd need a supercomputer to run it. Meh.
  5. Aldrin Cycler Ships

    You don't need to use multiple transmissions to ensure complete reliability (although I'd expect it to be needed occasionally for optimal efficiency). This is the ideal case: C=Blog2(1+S/N) Where C is your channel capacity (your "bandwidth" as it is typically known). B is literally bandwidth (i.e. how many frequencies you are using). S/N is your signal/noise ratio. This equation has been known as the absolute limit to reconstructable communications since the 1940s, and have been possible (especially when dealing with Earth/Mars latency) since the mid 1990s. The point here is that you should be able to get a higher S/N when communicating to repeater stations than directly to Mars. You should only need to repeat when the S/N drops below the design point (it will vary a lot with background noise and there will always be spikes where it simply disappears. It is technically possible to figure out how much data was lost (assuming that noise the transmitter received was similar to noise the receiver received) and simply send more error correction, but I suspect that simple repetition would typically be used. While most communication isn't quite up to Shannon-level (i.e. the equation above) thanks to the time it takes to code/decode, you can expect that all binary communication (including digitized voice) uses at least some error-correcting system. I still suspect that plenty of SDHC cards are brought up to the ISS each mission even though communications to there doesn't have these issues.
  6. I was blunt, to the point, not rude. The way it come across depends on how you read it. It's easy to take typed words out of context. Enjoy your day
  7. @maceemiller As an experienced player, you may not find yourself suitably challenged by this The craft is actually quite lenient in the dV department, in order to not frustrate newcomers too much. I just made a half-assed attempt that went a bit too steep - the first time I've flown this thing since the Swivel had its thrust uprated - and I still had 380 m/s left once in a 73x73km orbit. If you want to make it a bit more challenging, add a heatshield. That should roughly halve the margin.
  8. If everyone in the world would be nice enough to pay me 1 cent i would be a millionaire right now.


  9. That makes sense, thanks. Doesn't seem to make a difference anymore unfortunately.
  10. Okay...taking a look at the Circe, and some of the advice you've already received on this thread. Just at a glance, @HvP is spot-on when he pointed out you're not in atmo mode on KER (the button that says "Atmospheric"). Turn it on and leave it on - KER these days is smart enough to know which bodies have atmo and which ones don't. You may find that you don't have nearly as much delta-V as you think you have. The launch TWR on that craft is nuts; you're going to lose a lot of your first-stage delta-V to drag. I use FAR; with FAR, a good launch TWR is 1.2-1.3. With stock air, a good launch TWR is 1.5 or so (at least it was last I checked; the old 1.6-1.7 rule may still apply). As you're flying along, watch your gee meter - if it climbs out of the green at any point, that's a cue to throttle the engine back. You don't need to change out the engine - just play with the throttle limiter until you get a TWR in that range. You can always swap out the engine later if you need to, and you can always adjust the throttle limiter more in flight if you feel it necessary to do so. The second-stage TWR is not high enough; KER is telling you that much. You've got a 25 kN engine trying to push a 3.5 tonne craft when that stage lights - a TWR of 0.7 at that point. You're losing delta-V to gravity at that point. Your second craft has rectified this somewhat, but you're saying it's giving you control headaches. Would you mind taking a screenie of just that stage with your control balls on (CoM, CoL, CoT)? Wagering your CoM is too far aft on that stage. TWR is still a tad on the low side for that stage of the ascent. Since I use FAR, I can't really give you good advice for the earlier portion of the ascent (while there's still atmo). The last I'd heard was to try to cross 45 degrees elevation at 15,000 meters. I have benchmarks for the latter portion of an ascent - 20 degrees above the horizon at 25,000 meters, with 35 seconds to apoapsis; 15 degrees/30,000m/40 seconds; 10 degrees/35,000 meters/45 seconds to apoapsis; 5 degrees/40,000 m/50 seconds; horizon/45,000m/55 seconds; five degrees below/50,000/1m 5s to apoapsis, and then ride that until the apoapsis is where you want it +1000 meters for every 1000 meters below 60,000 your altitude is at MECO, or +100 meters for every thousand meters if MECO is between 60-70k). Usually results in circularization burns of 50-70 m/s at most. Whether or not that's actually a good profile, I can't say; I can say that it works for me. Good luck; let us know how it's going.
  11. @Yemo Yeah, when I did my testing, that's what I ended up doing. It worked great. If you were to include that it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  12. The way you said it sounded rude.
  13. If you can afford it, sure - it will be a much better experience for you. If you can't afford it, I think the best you can do is at least upgrade your RAM. That should make things much more stable
  14. No more limited likes?

    I haven't had any limited likes pop up windows in a while now, did they remove it? I tried liking 25+ posts in the great forum test thread and i still haven't got notified. Has the limit been increased?
  15. SETIremoteTechConfig and SETIcontracts were made quite some time ago, before CommNet and GPP were a thing and the latter one when ContractConfigurator was brand new. Imho both SETI and GPP touch further than the usual (part) mod, no need to blame the older of them for not adjusting quick enough to the newer. These things happen, especially when changing the core game instead of just adding stuff on top of it (eg there is no issue with OPM). I m thankful for all the feedback and sorry for the inconveniences caused, but such problems are the inherent price of modification over addition. I m just coming back from a long hiatus and reading up on stuff, so might not have all the info. But it seems that for the SETIremoteTechConfig issue, changing the @RemoteTechSettings:FOR[SETIremoteTechConfig] { line to @RemoteTechSettings:NEEDS[!GPP] { would fix the issue by deactivating the mod when GPP is installed? I can not test it myself until probably the weekend, but if someone could confirm that, I could simply change it on github.
  16. Development Update for Consoles!

    I know what you mean. When you start the game and all you have is a Mark I Capsule and a Flea booster, the game runs at a beautiful 60fps. But launch more than 3 or 4 satellites, and you'll be lucky if you get 15fps. I'm assuming (and hoping) they'll fix this, as I personally like using SSTO and air launched craft, since they're way more intuitive on the build.
  17. Community Space Station 1.3

    Wow ! So much useful activity here ! I love the way this project is going ! I'll launch the KSS-2 this night (it's currently 18:40 PM here in France), and try to release quickly the save in order to let other people do their turns quickly. I added a new category to the KSS-2 planning document : a listing of all the future modules (those who are sure to be added) and the current ones. This will help to show what modules have actually been built, what ones are under waiting queue, summarize the part count, ect... Feel free to add your module if I forgot it. Oh, and sorry for the response delay, I had to manage with my studies Now I got all the night for me to launch that KSS-2... Yayyy!!
  18. NASA SLS/Orion/DSG/DST

    I doubt it. China isn't an overt, self-declared existential threat, and the US society is no longer largely led by WWII veterans. An "interplanetary gap" would dominate the news for about eight hours, and then be thoroughly forgotten, with the Chinese landing ignored or minimized in the media. A true space race requires a world war - or several.
  19. This is actually a bad way imo to do "used" to work well however as KSP has evolved so much that I feel the best thing to do is attempt gravity turns much earlier. I am myself going to be testing my launch profile using @Streetwind 's test mission as I believe your launch is one of the most important parts of any mission. ** apologies for the double post **
  20. Thanks for the tip, but be less arrogant and be more polite to people, because no one is to blame for your frustrations.
  21. Calculos Delta-V

    Pues acabo de leer que cuesta exactamente lo mismo para aterrizar que para despegar, así que olvidad mi teoría de los pozos gravitatorios tan pedantemente expresada (Pero haciendo la salvedad de que sí tengo razón respecto a cuerpos atmosféricos).
  22. So some people thought that landing on an aircraft carrier wasn't much of a challenge. Well, how about landing a helicopter on a ship... that's moving... with Ferram Aerospace installed just for sh*ts and giggles?
  23. Evolution

    Update on EVOLUTION: I'm re-organizing some stuff under the hood for faster load times, and to allow potato-grade computers to run the mod. I'm also going to have to do some cleaning (+6 GB of RAM required to start with EVOLUTION is just not acceptable)
  24. Can't asparagus anymore -- what gives?

    ^this. The only thing missing is the hint that it's time to ditch the booster (engines stops). You need to open the part info window to see when the tank is empty. If the challenge allow it (I know it's unlikely) Smart Part mod have the Drainex that trigger a staging even when you reach a previoly set % of fuel in the tank.
  25. For number 2 above, are you using BetterTimeWarp with Loss-less Physics turned on? I was having that issue with Mechjeb and turning off Loss-less Physics seems to have stopped it.
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