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  2. MechWarrior: Online Discussion

    I've tried it a couple times. I very much like the concept of Mechs, along with cool looking armour, but I've never really gotten into the game. I did have Mech Assault for Xbox. I've found the online game to be rather difficult to get used to. The gameplay is a bit fast, the UI a bit confusing, and the combat a bit disorienting. Not that I don't think I could get used to it if I really tried, but I'm already a big World of Tanks player, and not hot on the idea of putting in the time and energy to learn another game like that. Basically, I've put in my time and worked through the grind of one game already, and I don't really want to 'start over' in another game anymore. As far as designs go, I'd have to say the Summoner is easily one of my favourites from playing Mech Assault. It's not so much that it's particularly good, it just looks really cool.
  3. Community Space Station 1.3

    Well the latest idea is literally right above your post... but there has been a lot more. 1. Stations around the Mun, Minmus, Eve, Gilly, Moho and Duna. 2. KSS rearrangement by @ZooNamedGames 3. Munar base and base rules 4. KSS damage: an arm with an asteroid attached to it broke off and is in the process of being reassembled I think that's about it.
  4. Increase Delta-V of rocket

    You can adjust the thrust of SRBs in the VAB. Initial TWR should be 1.5 Note that the SRBs now burn longer. 1500m/s dV from the main engine + booster are enough to lift you high enough for the Poodle to be efficient. If your TWR allows you to add fuel, allways add it to the upper stage untill that TWR reaches critical minimum. If you still can add fuel add it to the 2nd stage.
  5. Hurricane Hunter Update 09.24.2017 This update is a progress report. I am now getting the much needed RPM's for the Hurricane Hunter Engines I've been working on. Added more shaft and Panthers as I was planing. Still working with the Structural Fuselage, RCS Balls and Chutes.

    It would be in fact impossibly difficult to give them such a budget, which is why it has not happened.
  7. Helping your vessel get to orbit is a matter of reducing drag and weight. You are using a 2.5m central stack. That has a lot more drag than a 1.25m stack. So you can make the ship a little taller and slimmer. Looks like you have a heatshield or two in there somewhere from the KER readout. Those are extremely heavy, and are completely worthless for reentering from LKO. Try turning the force on your second stage decoupler down to something near zero. Clearly the decoupler is doing something very bad to your craft, or there is some clipping going on in that second stage.
  8. Well, not for rockets with TWR around 3, for those you want a more agrassive gravity turn. From my experience 5°+ right from the launchpad will do the trick for those. Don't do it. Using a less powerful but lighter engine can be beneficial because the increased deltaV budget, but throttling down just cause the gravity losses to increase*. As long as you can get the initial 'nudge' correct there is mostly** no reason to throttle down. It is a bit harsh, but flight adjustment are only necessary if you did something wrong earlier. Either the initial 'nudge' or something in the design. Designs with lower TWR(1.3 - 1.7) tend to be more forgiving since you have a longer time to orbit and will be at lower velocity at the time of the corrections. In any case those deviations cause cosine loses (thrust-velocity misalignment) and increase drag losses (larger area exposed to airstream) so you should try to avoid the need for those correction in the first place. For the 'nudge' practice, practice, practice. Or designs with pre-tilt in the editor. *If you have a readout of Max-Q and can keep your rocket at that speed ok, that is where [gravity losses] + [drag losses] are minimal. Otherwise focus on minimizing gravity losses , what you do by getting to orbital velocity ASAP. As long you are not overheating drag will be the lesser of those two issues. **too much drag can melt your craft. Also the above mentioned Max-Q.
  9. Community Space Station 1.3

    Okay, it has been quite some time and my life has been crazy... I launched the first piece of this thing and I basically abandoned it afterwards. I remember something about there being more than just one station (like mun bases and such) but I never actually dove deep enough into the thread to see this. So, I'm back now, and I may add something yet - could someone sum up what has happened since I left?
  10. Just for your info: A vessel in KSP stock is only considered landed when it has a collider in contact with a collider on the Scenery layer (and it's clearly not dead ).
  11. New Star Trek premieres on the 24th Sep!

    Unfortunately she's got company from actor Jason Isaacs, best known as Luicus Malfoy, as the captain of the USS Discovery.
  12. One step closer to finishing the Odyssey Two release:
  13. New Star Trek premieres on the 24th Sep!

    I just watched the first episode. The opening theme was not great. Seemed like it was more than half commercials. The Klingons are racist? And the crew are all girls? Their first mission was to a binary system to study planet formation? Whaaat? I'd put up a pic of Picard's facepalm, but that might be considered reaction imagery.
  14. Community Space Station 1.3

    Sorry about that. @HerrCrazi is up! As for the KSS 2, I can create a document for planning that, update the OP, and let people plan in it until some date. Then we could continue on with building it and planning other stations. Edit: here's the planning document:
  15. New Star Trek premieres on the 24th Sep!

    General complaints: what did they do to the Klingons? We've grown to adore the Klingon aesthetic that's devolved over the past 50 years. Those look more like Remans. Why are they giving Spock an adopted sister? Then again he's already got a brother he never mentioned. Par for the Course I guess. Why is the Shenzhou's saucer designed upside down? Why is the bridge on the bottom!?! Why is the show called Discovery when the only episode you air on US broadcast TV doesn't feature the ship? Why did they including a character who's "evolved to sense the coming of death" and put him on a Starship? Space is constantly trying to kill you! his little "spidersense" should be going haywire. One episode in and he's spent about as much time B-wording and moaning as McCoy.
  16. NASA SLS/Orion/DSG/DST

    Hence, no Mars in the past 40 years. Its been said several times that whats throttling NASA's Mars landing is its budget, and something I've noticed hasn't been responded to is that it wouldn't take much to give them a budget they could work with to get to Mars in a realistic timescale.
  17. They're both supposed to stay in the KerbetrotterLtd folder and that stays in the GameData folder.
  18. There is no such thing as drag alone. Everything in an atmosphere experiences a full range of aerodynamic forces, including lift. If you mean "can I make a completely passive reentry vehicle that has minimal lift and will survive impact with the ground", then no. Anything that comes in on a pure ballistic trajectory will impact at over 300 m/s and will be completely destroyed. Subsonic drag goes as velocity squared, which means there really isn't very much of it -- usually not even enough to counteract gravity.
  19. Community Space Station 1.3

    I went ahead and updated the Community Space Station 1.3 Waiting List doc to reflect skipping @LazySoUseHyperedit and current turn for @HerrCrazi.
  20. Hehehe, but an N-body simulation is inherently unrealistic because Kisaac Newton Kerman and Kalbert Keinstein Kerman showed beyond any doubt that gravity only works between 2 bodies, and then only within discrete spatial limits called SOIs Seriously, though, is doing an N-body sim on a KSP system a thing now? I recall @Cydonian Monk saying he'd done that for his own custom system. So what do you all use? Universe Sandbox? I had the 1st version and it only worked for full-scale, and then only if you were willing to run it at no more minimal time warp, so it really wasn't practical to run systems far into the future to check for long-term stability. Is the new version any better that way? But to return to Kisaac and Kalbert, there is nothing more stable in all of KSP than the motions of planets and moons. They're all on rails, as inevitable in their motions as the Circus's slow spiral into damnation. Besides, KSP gravity really is 2-body and spatially limited, so any agreement between KSP and N-body sims is pure coincidence. So the best I can think of is, you make the system full-scale in US just to make sure you're making Kohannes, Kisaac, and Kalbert happy, then rescale it to KSP scale when playing with Kopernicus. Of course, the new version of US would still require being accurate at high time warp, too, which is something I'm not sure of. But as to why asteroids are being ejected from Jool in my game, I figure it's because 1) they're so close to Jool to begin with, and 2) KSP's time warp fidelity isn't high for any non-planet thing. Ships (and asteroids are a type of ship) are "on rails" when outside physics range but even when "on rails" are not immutable---they still have gravity done to them. So, if a planet and a non-planet, both "on rails", get moved different amounts at different times due to time warp skipping their updates on different schedules, then it's totally believable asteroids near Jool to be ejected. Since my post above, I've found 2 more Jool moonlets, both of which are now on escape trajectories from the whole solar system. So I"m of 2 minds about this., OT1H, parking orbits inside Jool aren't safe for sure, and probably not anywhere inside of Kerbin due to the close spacing off the inner moons. Maybe between Kerbin and Pol, and probably outside Pol (but not too close to the edge of Jool's SOI). That could possibly be inconvenient, although so far I've seen no reason to believe orbits around Jool's moons have problems. So not a problem, at least so far. And OTOH, it appears there's a good chance that putting something into a very low Jool orbit can get it out of solar system, which will probably cause EPIKFAIL to reward me. Thus, I don't see a downside, other than a violation of the suspension of disbelief. However, I do plan to go to Laythe soon
  21. Idea for mod

    Well, since nobody else has spoke up and since I'm at work and am bored, I'll chime in. Forgive me if I sound very basic. I have no idea what your skill level is. I don't think that would be all that easy to accomplish. It's doable but... Every part has a texture that starts out as a bitmap, or a png or jpg. Those textures are 2D and represent all of the polygons in the model flattened out. It's commonly called the unwrap. When a part is unwrapped and the texture is created, the person who creates the unwrap decides where all those flattened parts and pieces go. That means, all textures are all very, very different. The only what I know of to change the way a part looks (adding scorch marks) is to change the actual texture. And because you're suggesting a progressive increase, it would mean that there would need to be a new texture applied with each increase or at the very least an additional overlay texture. So, the first problem, you'd need to swap in and out multiple textures for one part or fade one in and out. That means more memory to hold those extra textures. Next, all of those textures would have to be hand drawn. It's not something you could simply apply to a part (that I know of) because even though you know where the front is on a 3D part, there's no way programatically to find the front on a 2D texture. It could be anywhere and at any angle. So that means, you'd have to get every single modder to create multiple textures for all of their parts so that they could get scorched. You're lucky you get ANY texture with my parts. I'm a minimalist and I likes white. And if you look at Lack's LLL parts pack, you'll think I'm Picasso (no offense I love LLL parts). Soooo... can it be done? Yes. Is anyone gonna do it? Highly, highly doubtful. But don't let me discourage you. Keep the ideas flowing and we'll just keep punching holes in them till there's no room for holes.
  22. Is it possible to land using drag alone? (without parachutes)

    1. Wheels use friction, not drag. 2. I said drag ALONE. Not friction, force, or anything else.
  23. I wasn't completely sure if my ship was considered small, and the rules state that if the ship is medium-large you need a second pilot.
  24. NASA SLS/Orion/DSG/DST

    NASA hasn't, and will never commit all its budget to that goal.
  25. Community Space Station 1.3

    I was reviewing old threads and saw this series of comments about RCS and using detachable "tools" (aka tugs) which can help docking modules to stations. My solution (for future viewers' reference) was to use a version pictured below that had a kind of scaffold to bring the RCS thrusters in line with the CoM. I use RCSBuildAid to balance RCS, I'll never play KSP without it! It's fair to note that since my end was a heat shield, it was easy to blast off the docking component. But I think it applies across the board. Also since it wasn't going to be on the station itself, I didn't have to worry about the 7-part total limit for the tug. It was going to be debris anyway.
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