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  2. Gonna be sad.. this is my favourite mod in KSP...
  3. Is There a Formula For...

    I know my post was very much made in jest, but it was intended to be serious too. My gravity turn in that album was intended to show how it can work fine - even with your original rocket format - as long as you take it easy. I got to orbit first try with only one hairy moment when it looked like it might flip, but didn't. However, if you add just a couple of those short 1.25-2.5 adapters, it makes a huge difference to the drag. I added three (one for each jump from one form to the next) but I think it would have been fine not using the second one (under the lander's fuel tank). See here: No need for advanced nose cones really. I don't think they help much in this case and they are expensive and heavy. Instead of those hydraulic manifold thingies, I used the smallest radial connectors up top and a strut at the bottom of the boosters. And I added elevons but really I don't think it was necessary and that added another couple of thousand funds. Total: 34k And the whole process of getting to orbit is pictured here: That leaves over 2k dv still in the upper stage. Steady as a rock even at 500m/s at 10 km altitude.
  4. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't remember anything like that in the API. What do you call "gimballed force extent" of CoT. What is the exact amount of "extent" and how is it calculated. And, finally, what meanng and practical use do you prescribe to it? Keep configurations like ... ... in mind.
  5. It just prevents random strings from combining to create names that may be offensive.
  6. Naval Battles! (Defeat other player ships!)

    Hm. Castellum is 305 parts, my planes are around 50... it would be a bit over but probably ok with just 2 planes.
  7. Both have their place. For example PP tanks vary dynamically vs. .5m increments like SSTU, so vehicles where you need to control the tank size very finely (most likely with small probes) PP tanks are useful. Also I never look through all the cone-shaped tanks trying to find ones with the right end dimensions, I make those from PP tanks also. And if you're using a non-SSTU pod, PP batteries are always the way to go. Most things I make are predominantly a mix of SSTU and PP.
  8. Science fiction authors of the KSP forums, UNITE!

    Thanks did not know that! Opens Atomicrockets and looks for Mini-Mag Orion.
  9. Goat

    Among the first domesticated animals, independently several times from genetic evidence. Time of domestication: Pre pottery neolithic. Sites: Cayönü, lower layers of Jericho and others.
  10. Ooops... I forgot (even though I mentioned it in my first post) - we don't need to find an aircraft that flies in air of the same density as on Mars, because of the low gravity of Mars. Mars has .376 G, so a wing needs only to generate 0.376x as much lift, and it should thus be able to fly in air 0.376x as thick as it can on Earth. So the reference pressure of 1.15 kPa that I was using for the bottom of Hellas and equal to 90,000 feet on Earth, should in fact be 0.44 kPa, which is higher than the "datum" pressure of 0.6 kPa on Mars. An aircraft that can fly at 90,000 feet on Earth could fly over most of Mars. Launching and landing would be a major problem. Lower gravity helps with stall speed, but it doesn't change inertia. Those electric motors on the Helios (for example) would produce very little thrust. The plane would accelerate very slowly, and it would have a very very long takeoff run. Planes on Earth at least have the advantage of being able to push on dense atmosphere during takeoff. While the Helios could fly on Mars, and landing speed would still be very high, takeoff would be even more problematic. Maybe a RATO boost? The Helios was designed to stay aloft indefinitely on Earth... if it could do the same on mars that would get rid of the landing problem (just don't land). The problem is again the lower solar flux. Its also that the aircraft would descend to ~50,000 feet on Earth, which is 0.11 atmospheres. Even adjusting for gravity and MW, this would still correspond to a pressure of 2.77 kPa on Mars - which is more than double the pressure at the bottom of the Hellas Basin. I don't see a way around it, a Helios like craft would have to land after less than 24 hours of flying. So a mission where it is somehow assembled on the surface, RATO launched, and then just stays aloft the rest of the mission would be a pretty short mission. Maybe if it also had retrorockets for landing, and it carried enough fuel for X launches and landings? Some sort of ground base with a net to catch it and a catapult to launch it (like a mini CATOBAR carrier?) Find a very flat place, and send a rover to comb/clear away all the rocks and boulders to make a landing strip for it? It would probably be torn up in the first martian dust storm anyway....
  11. What did you do in KSP today?

    taurus (left) and vulture (right) have docked at in low minmus orbit for my first ever landing on the mint planet in just a few days!
  12. Science fiction authors of the KSP forums, UNITE!

    Mini-Mag Orion doesn't use nuclear weapons, though. The charges can't go off without an external field. Classic Orion, on the other hand...
  13. My hometown was a just grass 15 years ago. We moved in when it was just 4 years away from being complete. We did not have fences yet and our front neighbours houses where still under construction. I don't think my school is really old either, maybe 60 years, (because of the boring like building style), but its hard too look info about it since our school is set in 4 different locations, 3 of them are close to mine. The building style of the location where is rather boring, with a cool looking modern thing to hide its sadness. All the other schools look modern and are huge, (expect for the one further away to me) An old pic (i don't remember arriving at school on gravel)
  14. KSP is dead?

    I think I know where the OP is coming from. Either new destinations (not really any since what, 0.18?) or new toys to play with in the VAB and beyond. Tho stuff was added (some very nice) in the versions, not much in terms of larger Nerva/Ion for example, or almost no rover parts and so on. KSP is not dead, but installing mods one may wants is highly required and it makes one hell of a difference.
  15. Most Frustrating Things in KSP

    My most annoying thing in KSP : Parts lag. Most of my "BIG" crafts are around 450-750 parts. I can bring this down to 275-400 using mods, but I lose performance still by using them (tweakscale and the one to change the fuels from almost any tank in the game for example), so it's a lose-lose situation... IMHO having 1000 parts before getting into the first "yellow clock' would allow motherships and big stations... and would be a fine compromise as you can't get unlimited parts in the green. I thought the 1.2 patch was going to provide at least some improvement, but sadly no. Got exited hen I heard unity 2017 version was just about the corner... No improvement on parts either from what I read. Indirectly, no solid multi-core support is REALLY grinding my gears. Like if you could have an 8k processor instead of an eight-core of 1k, KSP would work much better. These 2 things could be called performance issues, but KSP runs fine on very small crafts with few vanilla-KSP parts. So basic KSP runs rather well. Upcoming 5m parts of version 1,4 might help some, but if you still need 16 nervas for 1K of thrust 16*60=960, that's a lot of part count down the drain. - - - - - Followed closely with KSP not having stock KER, EVE/SVE and OPM. To the makes of these mods, thank you... A LOT.
  16. Goat

  17. Extraplanetary Launchpads Just Ain't Enough

    Oh I see. Possibly a custom screen for a SPH then? Surely that's doable... as for entering the mobile VAB/sph from clicking on the part that maybe harder, but it could be from the KSC as new building like the Observatory in Research Bodies, but call the building the Offworld Logistics Centre or something. As mentioned before, launching to a non specified location maybe possible using the Kerbal Konstructs or else an EPL mechanic I wonder if KK can be manipulated to a part rather than a static? Peace.
  18. KSP Weekly: Edwin Hubble

    Some off-topic posts were removed. As was pointed out, we don't do contentless posts here, including variations of that "first" thing, sorry
  19. Today
  20. Goat

    I am confuse
  21. Science fiction authors of the KSP forums, UNITE!

    Almost forgot! Does not sound too strange in a world with an overdose of nuclear weapons.
  22. Reaction Limits

    I currently have this problem too, which leads to the (unfortunate) conclusion that I can't like your post I think there's a daily limit of sorts, so that you actually 'like' only the truly good posts, and so that people don't go around throwing likes on every post they find. (AKA me...) EDIT: Didn't see @James Kerman's post
  23. Reaction Limits

    I believe each like you give takes 24 hours to reset. i.e. if you liked something at 4pm and then liked 24 things at 6pm the next day you will have one like to give from 4-6pm.
  24. Why are people against mods?

    Answering the OP... I don't think that it's being against mods as much and not being able to rely on them. Most of the older folk playing KSP have lost a mod they loved because owner went AWOL, or plain out stopped supporting their mods... Then there's also the problem of updates. I love KSP updates personally (even tho I really feel they should expend the Kerbol system to continue representing our own Solar system's analogue), but each update can and usually breaks mods. You get used to things, and if you're like me you also adjust mods so they fit your needs... say installing near future solar/propulsion but modifying ISP on the engines to not be too good and the likes. To be redone when the mod updates. Then there's essential mods like KER, which is so basic I rarely upgrade to a new KSP version until it's there (or just stay around Kerbin). There's also some mods that glitches the game. Something the owner didn't notice or cannot fix. When a mod becomes part of the core game, and even better: when the mod owner(s) bring their jewels into the core game, it's always going to work, it's always getting updated at the same time than the core game. As an example, if KSP would license OPM to become stock, I'd be the happiest guy on the planet for a while... Or hire Galileo to rework existing planets/moons beside Kerbin and moons... You know, get those incredible landscapes. However most popular mods have been continuously updated since 0.25/1.02, and we've been spoiled by their authors. Maintaining a few relics from 0.23 myself and being an apprentice modder at best, I struggle each patch to keep them working... I know how long this takes to fix... another reason to 'hate' mods. My 2 cents =)
  25. Naval Battles! (Defeat other player ships!)

    I can run it if the part count is below 400, which would mean something pretty small-scale. Also, my video editing software is not cooperating at the moment, so it would be all pictures Also also, I appear to have run out of likes. I had no idea that could happen lol
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