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  2. Snark

    upgrading to 1.4.3

    Moving to Technical Support.
  3. putnamto

    EVA-ing Large Parts

    Yup you read correctly, your mileage may vary though, you could also "leap frog the part" move it Inch by inch. As for the weight thing, its really hard to do in space, they tend to float outside of range, what I do is "pin" a kerbal by drifting them into a corner or something so they cant move, works best if you put them on the prograde side of the ship.
  4. Version 12.0 This is a fun little update, containing the Vostok, VA revamp and LK-1 parachute parts. There have also been a few little tweaks which I can't remember (But, they were probably a good idea). Of course this is a whole new craft, there might be bugs? Oversights? Balancing tweaks? Please, let me know! I will fix it. Thanks @DiscoSlelge for the awesome art and banner logo! Damn son! Thanks @TK-313 for his great ongoing effort in Russian translation! And another thanks to @kremonia for the new USI-LS patch. Spacedock is currently down, so GitHub only right now! New Parts Album
  5. Can you fix the flashing glitch with KSPRC please? it brings back the horror. Thanks @blackrack
  6. New Horizons

    [1.3] Real Fuels v12.2.3 July 30

    Oh great, a new version for V1.4.3 ;-) Does anyone tried Stockalike Engine Configs? The link on the front page appears missing.
  7. Azerty

    Drag coefficient of my rocket

    I think i'll go with the table then, thanks. I know, with speed comes heat, so local pressure will vary, so do locale atmosphere density and i think i wont be able to include that in excel lol . What i want to do is an approximation of this while being as precise as i can in the limit of my knowledges. Yes i want to know how it works in KSP in order to make my "simulation" the more accurate possible. My goal is to recover my rocket, SpaceX style, using kOS. (Sorry if my English isn't good)
  8. Dman979


    This question about gameplay has been moved to Gameplay Questions.
  9. hoioh

    Mountain lake landing challenge

    Love the landing style, circling into the hole like that! A very cever maneuver if your plane can turn quick enough Also really like the ekranoplan design of plane number 2! Where did you get that engine though?
  10. You mean remaining range? Because that just gets you your approximate remaining range under current conditions (and is how I stated the ranges of my aircraft).
  11. DAL59

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    My question is, why isn't the Dragon 2 destroyed so quickly by the sea, but the fairing is. You could have a four person exercise machine centrifuge thing. Have one of the decks empty with a pole in the center and spin a treadmill around it.
  12. LordFerret

    Im freaking out right now Help ASAP

    If I had to guess, I'd say it was a poorly parsed command string, like maybe something font related "-r use blah blah blah blah flags etc" ... the repetitive 'H' is significant. In any case; #1) turn your machine off at night, or switch off the wifi when not in use for long periods #2) run some scan utilities on your machine (Malwarebytes, SpyBot, etc) #3) check if someone else has had access... family, friend, foe And an afterthought... Try opening the file with a Hex editor and see what else is in there (non-printable characters).
  13. Would it be possible to get a patch to have the boiloff function in MFT Cryotanks?
  14. Geonovast

    Parts Mods

    Useful is very subjective. A strictly rocket player wouldn't care of prop engines and wings. Someone who never leaves the atmosphere probably doesn't care about heavy lifting engines or large fuel tanks. There are some people who got really excited about all the structural panels in MH. I couldn't care less. What kind of parts are you after?
  15. The tangential velocity always matches the tangential velocity of the wheels.
  16. NSEP

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    There is a better alternative than making a specific centrifuge module. How about we make the BFR itself the centrifuge. They could connect 2 BFR's and connected them via tether to create artificial gravity. Like this: The two BFR's could dock and deploy the tether after the transfer burn to Mars, or whatever destination they could be going to. They would simply spin it around to create artificial gravity. No expensive gizmos required other than a special port for the tethers. This is just a concept however, so far there are no plans for artificial gravity yet for the BFR, and its unlikely it will be favourable over treadmills.
  17. Gah, why is Spacedock down!? I want to try this mod...
  18. I have to say it: Truth I was looking forward to these parts the most, as I tend to architect quite often, or get outright artsy-fartsy... I've been trying, honest, but when I have to turn every piece in order to attach it correctly, then turn it back the way I really want it after the snap... Well, it makes it really tough to keep focused on the task at hand and complete it. -I think the most complex build I've put together so far was a mobile refinery on Minmus, complete with launcher. It was somewhere around 350 parts in total and took me about 2 days to get balanced and running consistent, successful tests. I gave it a lot of extra thought before calling "GO" for mission. -I had a really tough time getting competitive in a certain air superiority competition (not hosted here) and spent almost 2 weeks stressing my designs before I finally met the mark. Point is, I've been trying to make something meaningful -anything- and I'm coming up short thanks to the frustration of all those attachment nodes... and since the day MH went live. If I have an easier time using wing parts... and they don't even have any attachment nodes... hmmm...
  19. Just curious, but... Is it possible to use the current range formula to estimate remaining fuel? I've done it before by replacing total fuel with current. Formula with modifications for current should look like this: Current Fuel / Current Fuel Consumption * Current Speed / 1000 Right?
  20. magnemoe

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Does not think so, water rarely damage composite, and at least the outside must handle some water as they are transported uncovered. Now the inside however must be able keep the clean room requirements for the satellite. This might be the hard part
  21. Bakkerbaard

    EVA-ing Large Parts

    I've been actually having fun experimenting with building in space and improvising around hurdles I couldn't jump, ultimately using @Laie's method to put caps on my base. Wait, so if I read you correctly, you are saying I can pick up a piece at one end (not pocketing it), float 50m to the other end and slap it on? I thought that when I grab a piece and floated out of grabbing range my Kerbal buddy just lets go. Or stops the grabbing process. Also, with all the improvising, I still can't figure out how to make two Kerbals work together. I float one engineer next to another and I still get "too heavy". Even with objects that two Kerbals should be able to carry (1t per Kerbal, yeah?).
  22. Snark

    Parts Mods

    Hello, and welcome to the forums! Moving to Add-on Discussions, since this is about mods.
  23. Sry, i published a wrong config file. To fix my failure you can do one of the following: - Just tick the "check for upddates on startup" checkbox on the Options/Update Tab and restart KMA² - Use the "Check for update" button on the Options-Tab. (even if you get an error (in most cases not=) the extra options for site parsing will be updated. Check your C:\ProgramData\KSPModAdmin\KSPModAdmin\KSPModAdmin_aOS.cfg file for changes and compare it with the part below (if you want ;)) and restart KMA² - you can change your C:\ProgramData\KSPModAdmin\KSPModAdmin\KSPModAdmin_aOS.cfg file manually. Add or Replace the following node (within the "General" node): <OtherAppOptions> <OtherAppOption Name="XPathCurseForgeUrl" Value="//*[@id='content']/section/div/aside/div[2]/div[3]/p/a" /> <OtherAppOption Name="XPathCurseUrl" Value="//*[@class='view-on-curse']/a" /> <OtherAppOption Name="XPathModName" Value="//*[@id='content']/section/div/main/header/div[2]/h2" /> <OtherAppOption Name="XPathModCreateDate" Value="//*[@id='content']/section/div/main/section[1]/div/p[2]/span/abbr" /> <OtherAppOption Name="XPathModUpdateDate" Value="//*[@id='content']/section/div/main/header/div[2]/p/span[1]/abbr" /> <OtherAppOption Name="XPathModDownloadCount" Value="//*[@id='content']/section/div/main/section[1]/div/p[1]/span" /> <OtherAppOption Name="XPathModAuthor" Value="//*[@id='content']/section/div/main/section[1]/div/p[3]/span[2]/a" /> <OtherAppOption Name="XPathGameVersion" Value="//*[@id='content']/section/div/main/header/div[2]/p/span[2]" /> <OtherAppOption Name="XPathModId" Value="//*[@id='content']/section/div/aside/div[2]/div[2]/a[3]" /> <OtherAppOption Name="xPathGitHubTimeLine" Value="//*[@id='js-repo-pjax-container']/div[2]/div[1]/div[2]" /> <OtherAppOption Name="xPathGitHubLabel" Value="//*[@class='release clearfix label-latest']" /> <OtherAppOption Name="xPathGitHubTags" Value="//*[@class='releases-tag-list']" /> <OtherAppOption Name="xPathGitHubTags2" Value="//*[@class='release-timeline-tags list-style-none']" /> <OtherAppOption Name="xPathGitHubLabelVersion" Value="//*[@class='release label-latest']/div/ul/li/a/span" /> <OtherAppOption Name="xPathGitHubLabelDate" Value="//*[@class='release label-latest']/div[2]/div/p/relative-time" /> <OtherAppOption Name="xPathGitHubTagsVersion" Value="//*/tr[2]/td[2]/div/h3/a/span" /> <OtherAppOption Name="xPathGitHubTagsDate" Value="//*/tr[2]/td[1]/a/relative-time" /> <OtherAppOption Name="xPathGitHubTags2Version" Value="//*/li[1]/div/div/h3/a/span" /> <OtherAppOption Name="xPathGitHubTags2Date" Value="//*/li/span/relative-time" /> <OtherAppOption Name="xPathGithubLabelReleasesLatest" Value="//*[@class='release clearfix label-latest']/div[2]/div[2]/ul/li[1]/a" /> <OtherAppOption Name="xPathGithubLabelReleases" Value="//*[@class='release clearfix label-']/div[2]/div[2]/ul/li[1]/a" /> <OtherAppOption Name="xPathGithubTagsReleases" Value="//*/tr/td[2]/div/ul/li[2]/a" /> <OtherAppOption Name="xPathGithubTags2Releases" Value="//*[@class='d-block clearfix']/div/div/ul/li[2]/a" /> </OtherAppOptions> Pls, let me know if there are any other issues.
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