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  2. Hello, I want to have satellite around the sun at the same orbit as Kerbin but directly on the other side of the sun, i got as close i can by just looking at the orbit, they are almost perfectly match, so now just check the actual orbit of Kerbin and correct it right? problem is, in game is see the Apoapsis and Periapsis are around 13 351 000 000m but KSP Wiki says it's should be 13 599 840 256 Am i doing something wrong?
  3. Additions to The Game?

    Im not sure whether weather (lol) is really an option and I love your idea of searching for life forms as an objective in the game, however I have to agree that off-Kerbin construction NEEDS to be a thing if Squad wants to take this game any further. Sure, we could keep following the Moar Boosters method and build colossal 2000 part rockets and SSTO's but seriously.. theres a limit to even that. By then your CPU is dying and the game stops being "fun". Hopefully squad realizes it soon.
  4. Thread to complain bout stuff

    Came up 2nd for a really great job.... 3 rounds of selection, starting from hundreds of applicants, and made it to the final 2. I haven't gotten farther than a 1st telephone interview for any other positions after getting my PhD... The reason I didn't get it... the 2nd interview was entirely about personality, and apparently they couldn't get a read on my personality, and had some concerns that I was inauthentic, or talked about technical rather than personal stuff too much during the interview... what a load of BS. And my fiancee is getting really tired of me not having a job...
  5. Revelations of the Kraken (Chapter 9: Pride)

    Well, now that he's been doubly warned I suspect he'll go into hiding. Maybe turn up on a remote uninhabited planet having grown an excellent Beard of Hermitage.
  6. Need help with stock propeller

    I tend to agree with this. At least mix and match a bit with darts/vectors (that can be ditched along the way). However I'm also very curious what results AeroGav's experiments will reach. He seems pretty confident his craft can pull this out if it get enough of a 'head start'. But that is a 50t beast, bound by 1.7g into a thick atmosphere. on a different note... I don't see why not use mods with that can provide acceptable (and balanced) technology not present in stock game. Even if one is against still 'unproven' technology like nuclear turbojets or air-augmented rockets certainly there is less motive to oppose electric propellers or rocket engines optimized for where you are going. Sure, some people will avoid the modded craft and even tell you that is a 'lesser' achievement but as you noticed the same happens for stock propellers. But that don't really matter, if you are set to do it for the challenge and rule of cool that is as good motive as any other. Don't waste your time with the naysayers and have fun.
  7. Additions to The Game?

    I think Squad should add the ability to actually colonize and build on the planets colonized. But before I get slammed for "you can already do this with mods..." please hear me out. When .90 "Beta than ever" came out, I was hoping that it would have given us a reason for detailed studies and missions of the various stock planets in KSP. Eventually, the survey parts were added, but there was no real way to actually make something useful out of the data we gained. Then Squad added the ability (after many mods did the same thing) to turn stuff into fuel, and then that's where the development stopped. One of the things that needs to be added is the ability to do what has been suggested by @sevenperforce and @Just Jim - the ability to build off-Kerbin. There are so many things that could be done within this area. Mods such as Extraplanetary Launchpads have demonstrated it can be done and should be done by Squad. After all, even NASA, JSA, the ESA, Russian and Chinese space agencies are all trying to figure out how to construct things in space beyond low Earth orbit space stations. Our own future in space depends on being able to use resources on-hand and to adapt them to our needs through processing and construction techniques. It seems that KSP should implement some sort of similar path into the game - and it would make career and science modes more fascinating to play. I would like to see life forms added to the stock planets. Even if it were something simple as a puddle of bacteria or even plants, I think it would add another reason to bring scientists onto the missions. It would be fun, say to track down all the single-celled bacteria throughout the Kerbin system... and then, if that's done, make it some sort of desired objective with either a huge science payout OR a big contract boost. It would add a sense of urgency to the game. There are a number of folks who want to see weather added to the game and we've been begging for that, at least for clouds, since .24 came out. I can understand why @SQUAD is hesitant to do this. Adding weather as a feature would mean the game would have to have another engine within it, meaning a heck of a lot of programming, testing, etc. It would be easier to simply add that feature into Kerbal Space Program 2.0 rather than reworking the current version to include weather. And then, what would it be once it is included? The hard-core KSP player would not just want weather on Kerbin, but on every body of the stock system. This would mean a lot more coding, the potential for more bugs, and so forth. I really do not see how adding weather would be feasible for KSP 1.X. And if I were Squad, I simply would not offer it for the current version of KSP - unless it came as a DLC expansion pack. But even then, I am not sure if I would do it.
  8. Revelations of the Kraken (Chapter 9: Pride)

    Pfff - that's racing pace that is. You reckon we can ship a couple of pizzas and a case of his caffeinated beverage of choice out to the good @Ten Key? Dude's gonna have a busy couple of weeks with a bit of luck...
  9. Liquid rocket dev.

    This is a bit off topic, but I would like to ask a question. Where are you living that this is legal? Because I'd really build stuff like this if it was somewhat legal... In particular I've been considering a monopropellant rocket for quite some time.
  10. Community Space Station 1.3

    Might be able to go friday-saturday-sunday somewhere in there
  11. TSTO Spaceplane with forward drop tank?

    The only problem with a "tank pusher" design is if you want to use the wings to make lift on the way up, then you'll find it almost impossible to generate any angle of attack as an aircraft that was stable without the tank becomes a lawn dart with the weight of a tank on the front.I vote for a pair of external tanks mounted to the wingtips if a jet-free TSTO is what you're after. I built something vaguely similar for the Shuttle Challenge (though rather more complex as the challenge was quite demanding) If the design is allowed to use jets, then a spaceplane with nuke engines and droppable whiplashes with intakes and fuel storage under each wing can do an even more convincing job. Will see if i can rustle up such a thing for you and post back..
  12. Apollo CM Dimensions

    You are a true Hero sir for converting to metric.
  13. To deal with the ascent guidance bugs and get the fixes, I installed the latest Dev version, #741. Rover autopilot does not seem to be setting the heading to navigate to waypoints anymore. Heading control just stays at whatever value you have it set at. Is this a known issue, or do I need to submit logs and an issue somewhere? And if an issue is needed, where is the appropriate place to log an issue on the dev version?
  14. Apollo CM Dimensions

    I am an American. KSP has converted me to metric. THERE IS NO GOING BACK!!!!!!!!!!!! @tater when you answer a question with a few pictures and no words.
  15. OSIRIS-REx Asteroid Sample Return Earth flyby! Bennu probe in the news!
  16. Russian Launch Thread

    Darn. Launch is at 7 for me and I'm doing something from 6:30 to 9... There hasn't been any launches for a while and the first one I can't watch... Oh, well. I guess I'll stay up until 1 AM for the Atlas V...
  17. I'll admit, it doesn't feel very fighter-ish to me... But it has a few hints of SR-71. As for performance-based contra-props, perhaps looking at air-race planes would help? It's what inevitably got me interested in contra-prop aircraft.
  18. NP. Just fill up a few of the missile tubes with LOx. Should last a great deal of time. Dont get me wrong. Im not an advocate for converting subs to spacecraft, but you have to admit, the crossover is striking. They are at least a proof-of-concept for: Keeping humans alive in a closed environment for strategically relevant lengths of time. Humans working in a closed environment with a nuclear reactor, extracting not only power, but propulsion as well from it, with a very wide operating regime (must be stable rapidly and repeatedly cycling from very low to very high power), A vehicle that can reliably protect its crew from an environment that is harshly incompatible with human life. Do all of this whilst communicating and navigating (and fighting) in an environment as different from day-to-day life on land, as space is. Do all of this whilst only being able to refresh supplies on a very periodic basis, but also with the capability of doing so mid-mission, and we have the infrastructure large and complex enough to facilitate. Yes its far too heavy, and the reactor needs to be redesigned, and it will require extensive re-equipping.They'll have to remove all the chairs! But as far as existing vehicles go, they are the closest we've got to large manned space vessels, and are surprisingly so, considering.
  19. Community Space Station 1.3

    Didn't even have time to even start up the game, just skip me for now
  20. KSP Mod Repository Client

    For a semi-automatic mod manager, theres KSP ModAdmin Also, look at KSP AVC as a "mod update notification service", if you install manually vs CKAN Also, an easy way to get mod links for installing manually, is KSP Mod Analyzer
  21. The Kurburgring Lap

    Take a look at my F1 .... check how I put the flaps on, may help give you some ideas on how to set your flaps up
  22. Additions to The Game?

    Yeah, I could get behind this as well.
  23. Damn. Floating tiles still present! I just came back to RSS/RSSVE yesterday after absence because of this issue. I thought this was solved with scatterer-0.0320b. Am I overlooking something? KSP 1.3, RSSVE-, scatterer-0.0320b.
  24. Thread temporarily closed for maintenance, please stand by.
  25. [1.3] Extraplanetary Launchpads v5.8.2

    @taniwha Im having trouble with EL in collab with MKS in that the Productivity doesnt work. i fixed it before in may 1.2.2 save but i forgot how
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