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  2. What did you do in KSP today?

    @ROXunreal, what mods are you using there? That looks great. Currently I've all of these contracts under way in 3 launches (or I would have if I'd remembered to put the crew on the Ike mission, so I now need to send up another crew module! On the plus side that can serve as a test of my crew return system, but it's annoying as I'm trying to do as many contracts per launch and now I have to send one up for no profit) The ScanSat ones are all covered by one launch carying 7 small ScanSat satellites that mentioned on the last page, this will also cover the science data from space around Eve one. I've launched this to do the 2 equipment tests around Ike and the Ike surface outpost contract. The interplanetary module will then rendezvous it's original SSTO booster in Kerbin orbit to get the Explore Kerbin contract, which is to dock 2 vessels in orbit), which well then de-orbit with the hitchhiker module. The Sentinel contract required it in solar orbit near Eeloo, and is my first mission this game with an Ion drive
  3. One of many Previous version had bugs, but at least the basics actually worked most of the time how an 18 month cycle can produce this edition that’s got all the bugs of the previous one and more is beyond me
  4. Congratulations, may your future piloting career contain fewer crashes than in KSP.
  5. [1.3.0] Comfortable Landing [V1.3]

    any chance that we will get the skirt and other comfortable landing stuff, that aren't stand alone yet, as stand alone parts in the near future?
  6. Same here, this bug stopped me bothering with the previous version. nice to see the “extensive” testing caught such things #slowhandclap
  7. [1.3] USI Life Support [0.5.0]

    tbh, I would not have lights on when hab is active because of a conflict with the mod noted above. (It is far more likely that I'd just give folks a 'turn everything on' or 'turn everything off' button)
  8. [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    I saw he did some updates, but bear in mind I also do a lot of additional customization related specifically to the MKS sub-traits that do not exist nor would necessarily be practical in TRP-Hire.
  9. [1.3] kOS v1.1.3.0 : kOS Scriptable Autopilot System

    Another problem I encountered is figuring out the aerodynamic properties of a vessel. I have not found any direct command in the documentation which would yield, say, the drag constant given velocity, altitude and atmosphere for a prograde motion. The next step was trying to record it from the stock aerodynamic GUI as a function of Mach number, and from that function calculate it on my own, but I failed at that too, because there is no way to get the temperature (required for Mach number calculation) at a given altitude in a given atmosphere. So I am forced to record both, the drag constant as a function of Mach number and the temperature as a function of altitude in order to calculate basic aerodynamic properties of a vessel. Is there any efficient workaround to this problem? Or am I missing some actually existing command?
  10. Reusable space programme - refuelling and crew return?

    Not sorted out a refuelling station yet, but I've decided to go modular, with a simple tug design that will dock to other modules as required. The main body's a tweakscaled liquid fuel tank, and the service bay has a KR-14 dish to talk to Kerbin (I'm using RemoteTech some coms are important). 4 Gigantors should give me plenty of power at Duna but beyond there I can easily add a fuel cell generator module So for a couple of contracts to test some parts above Ike and land a base on Ike, I've just launched this It'll leave the reusable booster in Kerbin orbit and head to Ike. Landing gear and pylon can be tested in Ike orbit and then top section disconnected and dumped. It's got plenty of power to land on Ike, a 4 man crew that can hop out and plant some flags for the experience, and then disconnect the lab section, leaving that on the ground. Rendezvous with the fuel dump and lander in Duna orbit for some more flag planting, and then return to Kerbin where it will attach the Hitchiker module to the booster to deorbit the crew, and the tug can then wait in Kerbin orbit for it's next mission. 3 contracts, big experience boost for 4 crew, and the only parts that will be discarded are the fuselage section with the test parts. Only slight problem is I forgot to put the crew in before I launched it...
  11. Selfish Meme's Dev Thread

    Progress on Texturing the tank, I figured I might as well add second texture for the SLS as well, since the parts are similar. Accidentally stuffed up the shuttle, so I am rebuilding.
  12. [1.3.1] Kerbal Star Systems [v0.7.3] 11 Dec 2017

    KSS is modular so you choose how big it gets. Keep in mind you'll always need KSS_Basic. requirements are mentioned here:
  13. [1.3] Real Fuels v12.2.3 July 30

    Excellent! I felt like it was something like that because RF seemed to work fine in the VAB. But I wanted to post just to be sure I didn't mess anything up! Also this is not really related but you seem pretty knowledgeable. SO What's the best engine Config to use if I plan to use RSS or earth sized kerbin mods with Real fuels and I don't want to use all the mods that RO requires? I think that for stalk engine configs it says it's meant for 6.4 kerbin or stock. I understand that there is a few mods that are not up to snuff for 1.3.1 but I imagine that in a short while most mods will get updated for the current ksp as it's been doing for years now.
  14. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    If Falcon Heavy does not do the static fire in January will fart out my soul, or i will ignite my methane fueled Raptor Engine. I hope they do the Static fire or the launch on valentines day. Valentines day is the day where i feel sad because i don't have a loved one, and Falcon Heavy can make me ignore that sadness.
  15. [WIP] Ж-20 "Moroz" Spaceplane

    @IronCretin Btw, how is the landing gear going?
  16. I'm seeing the same thing.
  17. UnHohmann transfers

    I never heard back, so I'll assume that we're talking about "how to calculate an interplanetary burn". The DV at each end accounts for two necessities: 1) Escaping Planet A's sphere of influence and 2) Transferring from Planet A's orbit about the sun to an elliptical orbit that intersects Planet B's orbital radius. Step 1) is easy, assuming you are in a circular orbit to begin with. Multiplying your starting orbital velocity by "sqrt(2)" yields the velocity necessary to reach SoI edge. We'll call this value Escape V. Step 2) is simply a vis-viva. The first burn of a Hohmann; Excess DV. Your two values (Excess DV and escape V) are vector added Pythagorean- style sqrt(escape2+excess2) and then you get to subtract the orbital velocity you started with. Yay Oberth! That's pretty much it. You can account for eccentricity of either part by adding or subtracting DV to compensate for the difference between that and a perfectly circular orbit, but I don't do that because I'm lazy The capture burn at the other end is calculated in exactly the same way as you would calculate a transfer burn coming home. The only additional step is calculating what your orbital velocity would be at your desired capture orbit. HTHs, -Slashy
  18. That box is now part of NAS, check my signature for more information. BDAc universal ammo box is acceptable for me too.
  19. Congratulations. And don't forget there is a proven career path from RCAF pilot to ISS Commander...
  20. Guillaumes fix worked for me, thx for the effort!
  21. Dres Awareness, Show Your Support! (Now With More Fun!)

    Everyone loves those big planets. They're always so much fun. Every visit is exciting. But the moment you leave they forget about you and move on to the next guy. Dres loves you back.
  22. No Space Center

    That's what the background looked like to me too!
  23. I'm once more struggling with rovers, and how to repack them in the field. Integrating the ramp into spacecraft necessitates compromises I'm loath to make, and for all that it's still very restrictive when it comes to size. I recall some of the early Making History screenshots showing an Apollo-like rover on the Mun, which seemed to be very large relative to the lander. Is there anything we know about how it's to be stored, if it can be repacked, and if the solution will generic?
  24. Look at this very effecient Mun Flyby

    Sometimes the stars align, and then sometimes the planets do too! nice work This could become a challenge: "threading the needle" how many un-powered flybys can you get!! (probably 6 unless you can increase the conic patch limit!)
  25. KSP Weekly: A Corned Beef Sandwich

    When i click the Hyperlink for the bugtracker it says the site doesnt exist. I've encountered some bugs in the enhanced edition and would Like to look if they have been reported already or Not.
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