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  2. The earliest versions of Kerbal Space Program

    When I try to download it, I am taken to KSP WebSite. Please help.
  3. Yes! Looks amazing! I like how perfectly you captured the blocky shape! I actually like it in this color scheme better than the actual colors. Still haven’t done any X-Wing work, as my KSP decided it was going to clear most of my ships from the saves, so I’ve been busy trying to recover them.
  4. Misspell the Username!

  5. Major update guys... Tomorrow I'm gonna release a beta. Just trying to solve an animation bug when reload the game...
  6. Survive Me!

    can you tell me what that is because i don't wanna click it
  7. Docking to your stranded craft would be fun and really hard- but you'd be doing fist pumps if you pulled it off. I'd send a manned mission to pick them up, I'm not a fan of probe cores except for satellites and station keeping. PS don't forget the engineer to repack the chutes
  8. Project Intrepid (Chapter 40: Untitled Space Chapter)

    Chapter 40 - Untitled Space Chapter Unfortunately, I had to use ignore max temperature on the Duna entry because of the solar panels... There really should be a shielded variant. I really do try to keep that sort of cheating to a minimum. Sorry. However, except for glitches, I'm pretty sure I never had to use quickload in the making of this chapter. That doesn't happen very often, especially when an untested Duna lander and an untested SSTM are concerned... I'm going to try and transition to shorter chapters so I don't keep putting them off. Also, if people are interested, I might occasionally stream some of the gameplay if I get into that kind of stuff.
  9. That's a very complicated question, and it's been covered here in far greater depth than I would want to attempt:
  10. KSP Weekly: Under the surface of Titan

    It's good to hear that the Enhanced Edition patch is now "very close". Looking forward to finding out the release date.
  11. Do you remember your first exposure to KSP?

    I strongly regret the fact that I cannot remember my first exposure. What little I do remember is mostly struggling to figure out how to steer the rocket (I had not yet learned that I should steer by looking at the navball), and initially having no idea what the maneuver nodes were for. I persevered, though, and now I've gotten reasonably good at the game. I do also recall my brother finding KSP, thinking this would be perfect for me, only to find out I already had the game.
  12. [1.3.1] Kerbal Star Systems [v0.7.3] 11 Dec 2017

    Just started career mode.
  13. Survive Me!

    I hide in the nearest structure and summon... SCP-159!
  14. Ok, when I scrolled in the link it mentioned a unity 5.something, but whatever. Any idea why the console version is Laggy even with the unity 5 engine? (I'm using xbox one s and game's are on external 2 terrabyte 3.0 harddrive) Edit: I'm going to move the game to internal harddrive to test if that caused the lag issue.
  15. [1.3.1] Loading Screen Manager

    New release, Fixed issue with addon folders being added to std cfg Added ability for addonconfig to override following settings in std config: displayTime fadeInTime fadeOutTime tipTime includeOriginalTips neverShowAgain Deleted unnecessary file from release folder
  16. 48th Installment - The Story of Mr. Kerman - The Conference of the Dead We rushed into the hitchhiker storage container where Assey had entered. A giant Jeb stood over her. She screamed again. “Stop it Jeb!” Obberty cried. Jeb shrunk down to an average size. “I couldn’t resist.” He said, with a massive smile plastered on his ghostly face. This was the infamous Jebediah Kerman. He must have been the regular hoot at the kerbonaut corps. “Alright. I’m sorry. I’m sorry I disbelieved you in the first place.” Assey apologized. She took a scared glance at Jeb floating in the air motionless. “Its okay. We’re a crackpot of weridos without us spouting about ghosts.” Obberty said. We all glared at him. Including Jeb. He shook himself, “Wait. I said that?” Jeb started to laugh uncontrollably. “Jeb. You made me say that!” Obberty accused. “Of course, I did. You’re too tame to say that.” “Cut it out Jeb.” Valentina Kerman appeared on one of the seats. “Sorry Sis.” Jebediah slunk back to one of sides of the hitchhiker. Bill Kerman now appeared on one of the seats. Roni gasped. “Yes. I’m here as well.” Bill said. Finally, Bob appeared on the last empty seat. They had appeared in seniority of how long they had been dead, or so it seemed as Bob died first. “It looks like we are all here.” He said, “Let the meeting adjoin.” “What meeting?” asked Assey. “The conference of the dead.” “To start, I believe that all of you have met your guide?” asked Bob. Roni, Obberty and I nodded our heads. Bill, Jebediah, and Valentia floated over to us. “What about me?” asked Assey, slightly nervous. “I am your ghost or guide as you would prefer to call me, but our relationship is going to be much more formal. I will appear in the science lab for 2 hours daily, I’ll tell you which hours after the 2 hours are finished. I am a busy ghost and have to mentor a couple other kerbals.” “Okay.” Assey sounded relieved. Our respective ghosts now floated a meter in front of us, staring at us. “I will need your permission for the assimilation to begin.” “Wait what!” Obberty cried, “Am I going to become Jeb!?” “No.” Bob replied loftily, “Jeb’s personality will start to live through you. The reason behind this is so that all of you receive your opposite into yourself. This would mean all you unstable kerbals will be balanced. We need perfect kerbals who are experts on their subject.” “It’s the same for all of you. But, you will be able to control your opposite to a certain extent. Of course, you may opt for a formal relationship with your guide as me and Assey. I would recommend it.” “What does this do for the ghost?” “Well. It will allow you to locate the ghost’s origin on the planet Eve. As the goal of the program as changed to rescuing the original four from the surface of Eve and defeating the Kraken.” “Wait. Is that official?” “Yes. We need all our kerbonauts available to fight off a pending attack on our solar system.” “What the blooming…” “We’ll explain it all by the time you reach Dres.” Bob glared at Obberty. “Do you want to assimilate Jebediah Kerman into your being? Or will you chicken out.” Obberty took a deep breath, “I might as well. I’m always an idiot.” Obberty slapped himself, “Jeb! You are already affecting me.” “I’m going in to affect you for a long time to come.” Jeb winked. Then he vanished. “Gosh. Where did he go?” Assey asked. “His spirit has just combined with Obberty’s. Obberty should be speechless for a few minutes, then he will be mostly normal.” “Won’t the KSC notice something is wrong with us?” “The KSC won’t be in connection with the mission after 20 days of the exit burn. They don’t have enough communication power to reach outside of Kerbin’s SOI. Therefore, it is a manned mission.” I strengthened my resolve and then said, “I’m willing to assimilate you, Valentina. Just as a side note, you’re not going to make me feminine, right?” “Only my none feminine traits are passed to you. The law of gender forbids anything but that.” Valentina disappeared. I couldn’t describe the sensation of absorbing another person. I felt that this wasn’t as personal as it could be. She was keeping most of her personal memories away from me. But the rest bit into me. I was suddenly living another life. I watched the vital parts of Valentina’s life from her perspective. I could write a book about the life I just witnessed, but there is no time for a book here. Finally, the visons stopped, and I came back into this blessed world. Obberty had recovered and now was babbling about something, I didn’t have the interest to listen. Assey stood well away from us three, probably frightened out of her mind. Bill had disappeared, and as Roni was gawking at the floor I assumed that she also absorbed Bill. Bob now float down in front of our lot. “You might be wondering this is necessary. To absorb another kerbal’s entire life is a great burden. It wasn’t meant to happen, but it we managed to do it just fine. You might be wondering as well if the KSC would place you into a padded cell when you get back. Probably. But as I have enough influence with Gene Kerman, I’ll get you out without any harm done.” “You also might be wondering if the absorbing will have a negative affect instead of a positive one. You don’t have to worry. Your opposite will have only a passive influence on your life, not an active one. But a passive influence on your life should round your edges and make you much better kerbonauts.” “For example, Mr. Kerman who has a very low compatibility with other kerbals, will become much more bearable. But he will do so naturally, and all the information he tells will be controlled by himself. But, as he sees that he better with communicating with others, he will probably tell more information about himself.” Bob took a sigh, “Well. I believe that your exit burn in within the hour, so let us draw the conference of the dead to a close.” A ghostly bong rang out from nowhere. And then Bob vanished. Roni shook herself, “I can’t believe this is happening to us.” “Well, we’ll now be crazy dodos up in a tin can on a 2-year mission. Yippee.”
  17. Here's my first SSTE: Sotka I More pictures in the imgur album: The vessel has one Vector and two NERVs, and no air-breathing engines . It can reach LKO in single stage and land on Minmus comfortably for refuel. It can reach and land on all bodies (expect Eve). The cargo bay holds liquid fuel tanks, reaction wheels, batteries, ISRU, radiators and and an RTG (see imgur album). It can land on most bodies with just NERVs and has plenty of dV when fueled only with liquid fuel (see tables below). The two airbrakes on top of the Vector also double as heat shield when performing aerocapture/brake. When out of fuel, it will tip on its tail and won't be aerodynamically stable. Having the front C7 adapter full (locked by default) will prevent tipping and keep the CoM in front of CoL (see imgur album). Basic info Mass: 79,907 Liquid fuel: 5,900 Oxidizer: 5,060 Cost: 106,265 dv in LKO: ~1,700 m/s dV profiles Lf Ox Mass Thrust dV Full 5,900 5,060 79,907 1,120 4,888 Lf+Ox (Vector) 4,140 5,060 71,107 1,000 3,137 Lf only (post Vector burn NERV) 1,760 0 33,907 120 2,357 Lf only (NERV) 5,900 0 54,607 120 6,096 Selected TWR stats Lf only profile Full Min TWR Max TWR Min TWR Max TWR Moho 0.81 1.77 5.19 11.55 Kerbin* 0.05 0.11 1.23 2.74 Mun 1.35 2.93 8.60 19.14 Duna* 0.71 1.54 4.72 10.49 Laythe* 0.14 0.30 1.63 3.63 Vall 0.95 2.07 6.08 13.52 Tylo 0.28 0.61 1.79 3.97 Eeloo 1.30 2.83 8.30 18.47 * Atmospheric Scoring Mass: 79,907 Kerbin SSTO: 0.95 Bodies: 0.8 (all bodies except Eve) Moho-in-one: - no worries ISRU: - (Drill-o-matic junior needs at least 2,5 % ore concentration) it's good for something - (good for nothing) short transfers: 0.8 (transfer burn to Jool in less than two minutes, but needs Laythe's gravity and atmosphere to capture and land) quick start: - (a good pilot might be able to get to Gilly or Ike, but I didn't try) part count: 0.9 (67 parts) VTOL: - Multiplier: 0.5472 TOTAL SCORE: 43.73 Getting to Tylo Refuel on Bop or Pol and fill the C7's only with liquid fuel, giving you 1407 m/s for the NERVs. Lock all tanks with Lf+Ox. Use NERVs to transfer and capture to Tylo. In Tylo SOI unlock Lf+Ox tanks, giving you 2793 m/s for the Vector to circularize and land. Suggested Jool-5 sequence Laythe-Vall-Bop-Tylo-Pol
  18. NASA again looking at Nuclear Rockets

    Quick question: is that total stage delta-V, or delta-V after reaching LEO parking orbit? One of the major factors I can think of, though, is the question of how necessary these high delta-V values are. We've gotten quite good at creating some excellent multi-slingshot trajectories. Similar back-of-the-napkin (well, more like back-of-the-Excel-spreadsheet) math puts a conventional Atlas 551 with short payload fairing as being capable of putting 1.7 tons onto a Jovian slingshot, and if we assume an EEJ slingshot (5.4 km/sec ejection burn from LEO parking orbit), that goes up to about 2.8 tons. My best guess is that I've lowballed it, since Juno was 3.6 tons at launch, from an Atlas 551. Probes are getting smaller and lighter recently; a recent flagship-class proposal for the ice giants proposed a 150 kg orbiter plus 50 kg probe as its most ambitious proposal. I'll be conservative and put an orbiter dry mass at 500 kg. Even at that level, with a 310 s-1 hypergolic engine and 2.8 tons ejected on an EEJ trajectory, that still gives you 5.2 km/sec to play with once you hit Jupiter, or presumably whatever you're using Jupiter to slingshot to. For unmanned missions, then, I would agree with NASA's trend of keeping it conservative, of keeping development costs low by relying on chemical engines supplemented by slingshots. Where these very high-velocity Earth ejections really come in handy is for manned missions, where you can't spend years mucking around getting your slingshots, because your astronauts are not exactly getting any younger. For that, I'd probably assume a custom-built vehicle assembled over multiple HLV/SHLV launches, because I don't think you're sending astronauts to Mars on top of a single Atlas 551, even if you do replace the RL-10s with nuclear thermal rocket engines.
  19. Evolution

    Will you happen to bundle Cerillion with this mod? I love the way that planet looks, but bummed ive never been able to get it working in 1.3.1. I'm aware of the latest Kopernicus update so Im being patient with planet packs, just curious if you have plans to give that gem some TLC. I did see anything about it working with 1.3.1. Does it and Im just screwing it up? Also, side question, and this technically falls on the kopernicus thread...but I bet you know just as well. Are the changes made in latest release hard coded changes? Or more something like when MM did the syntax update, so updating cfg format was the main ball buster. I dont really understand as a I can help minus being like..."mod's broke yo". I feel good when I know I helped in a way, even in a small way. my lack of coding knowledge is my current limitation.
  20. What did you do in KSP today?

    Today I miserably failed at putting a shuttle into orbit. The mission: STS-2. The premise was to put my first space station, POLAB (which stands for Polar Orbiting LABoratory.... a proper NASA-style acronym) into orbit. The station is small: it is put into orbit in one launch. The initial ascent went a bit sloppily, with me kind of straying off the north vector. During the first orbit insertion burn, I ended up passing up the apoapsis a couple of times. The shuttle’s external tank ran dry with an apoapsis of 107 km and a periapsis of 40 km. Damn. Then I timewarped too far (I hit the . instead of the /, dangit) and passed my apoapsis. Kerbal Engineer reported that I had 9 m/s of delta-V. Only nine. I think KER is glitching out. Annoyed, I tried to reload a quicksave I made after SRB sep. Shift-F1. What was weird was that A: the game would not let me quickload and B: pressing Shift throttled me up and brought my delta-V down to 7 m/s, but it did not put a dent in my fuel. Weird. I reverted to launch because I knew that I could not get to orbit now. One of the things that I have learned while playing KSP is if something is annoying you, go and do something else. So I worked on my expendable crew vehicle, the Aries. I finished building it and did an abort test, which went well. I don’t know what I’ll do tomorrow. Most probably I’ll do the first Aries CTV mission to LKO. But I don’t know.
  21. Progress on Delta K. The significant reduction in UV space this new version uses (even with more details applied to the model) means I can fit a few more parts on to the texture sheet. Anything we're missing? I'm planning on doing the Delta III first stage adapter tank (would replace the upper half of the current Delta II first stage) but not the rest of Delta III, it's too much work right now plus then it would be a lot harder to deny people Delta IV (working on solving the weird faceted highlights on the spherical tanks)
  22. [1.3.X] KS3P

    Will this mod work with KSP 1.2.2? If I can use this with realism overhaul it will be awesome.
  23. Rephrase the scentence above. Let‘s see where we get.

    Launching the sun at the lizard.
  24. [1.2] Real Solar System v12.0 Dec 8

    forget it, read the post wrong
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